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General artillery, SPGs, MLRS and long range ATGMs thread.

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7 hours ago, Belesarius said:

Pentagon reversing itself on cluster weapons.



I just wanna add one thing:

It came up fairly recently that one of the reasons cited by the Israeli MoD for KMW's loss to Elbit in the artillery tender, was that Germany might ban the use of cluster munitions as these are illegal in Germany.

This, coupled with newly developed cluster-munition rockets for the M270 MLRS by IMI, shows that cluster munitions are now returning after they were withdrawn even by those parties who didnt sign a convention for their ban.


Modern cluster munitions have 5 fail-safe mechanisms, as opposed to 3 in the past. This gives them a theoretical dud rate of 0.01%, about 100 times less than the stated maximum.


So basically modern cluster munitions arent affected by the ban.

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On 06.12.2017 at 11:35 PM, Scolopax said:

So is the Koalitsiya still going to be using the Armata chassis, or have they settled for the T-90 at this point due to budget and procurement date issues?

No info on that.



Guys! we have to make a rocket launcher...
-awwww! booring!
A mobile one.
Lets make it as weird as possible!
And sling it under a Helicopter!
(the 60ies must have been a fun time to be an engineer!)










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