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Soviet Artillery Doctrine


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I'm doing some research on cold war era Soviet artillery doctrine and was wondering if anyone had any actual Soviet resources. No need for translations, I can read Russian. 


Right now I have the FM 100-2.1 The Soviet Army:Operations and Tactics from my Army days and some NATO books that really only talk about what we knew from "observational reports". 


I also have some Soviet artillery survivabilty manuals and Soviet artillery order of battle data but I'm have some trouble with actual artillery unit manuals and the like. 


Anyone have a good source? 

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I found a copy of the book, thanks. The Links EE gave have also been helpful. 

I knew NATO and Soviet tactical artillery employment where significantly different but this is really showing me how much. 

Any short summary?

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I got the book being PDF'd by my brother in law. He found it in the UNLV library. Keep in mind that  I am more concerned with actual doctrine as written in operations manuals rather than academic interpretations.  

I am still reading through the Russian field manuals but you can compare some of the differences in the US FM 6-20, FM 6-20-20 through 40 and the Russian Artillery Field Manual of Ground Forces. 

A good example is fire support for the brigade element and below. Cold war NATO doctrine is concerned with precision artillery fires at the brigade level and batteries are assigned support tasks to individual maneuver BCT that are controlled by a maneuver BCT fire support officer, who in turn takes fire support requests from company fire support elements, who are enlisted members and attached directly to the maneuver combat elements.  From what I am reading in the Russian manual, the majority of artillery is controlled by a field grade officer (Major or above) who is in charge of all fire support in his divisions sector. Fire support planning seems to surround a strategy of massed fires along specific fronts prior to tank/infantry assaults and deep rocket strikes into the rear areas.

I am just now getting into the more detailed battalion and company level support, defensive fires and such. 

Gunnery and gun emplacement, camouflage, tactical movement, and other standard artillery SOP  is pretty much the same. 


Here are some of the links to the manuals. 


and the one from EE
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