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The Soviet Tank Thread: Transversely Mounted 1000hp Engines

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The machine for remote de-mining (MDR) Listva - "Foliage"



Recon version of Tigr




   The United Instrument-Making Corporation, part of the Rostekh State Corporation, has developed an intelligence and control machine (MRU) based on the Tiger armored car. Its purpose is to monitor the terrain, detect ground and surface objects, transfer data and commands through various communication channels.

   On the basis of the vehicle "Tigr-M" there is a complex of monitoring means: short-range radar, thermal imager, video surveillance equipment. The radar equipment is mobile and can be brought from the vehicle to the required distance, which increases the intelligence-gathering capabilities, and also reduces the visibility of the MRA and its vulnerability to the enemy's precision weapons.


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Gurkhan about VPK and Nexter collaboration, some upgrades for Tiger.


   The joint Russian-French project "Tiger-NEXTER" started in January 2012 with the active participation of representatives of Russian and French state and commercial structures and was largely unique, both for Russian-French relations in military-technical cooperation, and for similar projects in Russia.

   It envisaged the integration of eight additional development systems of the French company NEXTER with the prospects for expanding the scale and perimeter of the project for the armored car "Tigr"


SBM VPK-233136 Tiger in VERSAL, NEXTER company, with the Nexter ARX20 combat module 





Engine compartment SBM VPK-233136 "Tiger" with some installed systems from the company NEXTER, Versal







Same vehicle at RAE-2013



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3 hours ago, EnsignExpendable said:

Andrei (who doesn't post here anymore for some reason) has the good shit http://btvt.info/1inservice/chieftain/vop_chieftain_hesh.htm


TL;DR (also for you Western heathens): the armour penetrating action of 120 mm HESH is more or less the same as that of 125 mm HE.

You mean to say it's about 20% better for the 125mm? Because shit does HESH make itself look bad.

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   Moscow. 7 November. INTERFAX.RU - Russia began deliveries of T-90S and T-90SK tanks under a contract with Vietnam, Interfax was informed by Mikhail Petukhov, the head of the official Russian delegation at the Defense & Security exhibition, deputy director of the Federal Arbitration Service of Russia.

   "As a result of a series of negotiations between Russian and Vietnamese experts, a contract was signed for the delivery of T-90S and T-90SK tanks, and the parties have now started implementing it," Petukhov said.

   Earlier in the public annual report of Uralvagonzavod it was reported that in 2017 the contract with the customer "704" (Vietnam) for supply of 64 T-90S / SK tanks should start.



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