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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!


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9 hours ago, Zach9889 said:

Multiple vision ports on the hull suggest a crewless turret. Different guns, modular mission based afv?

I would wait for more pics before going somewhere with what it is.

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"Light/medium" tank or gun carrier. Good to see some sort of APS, i guess radar panel is what green part we can see on turret rear section. ZTQ-15 related chassis?

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1 hour ago, alanch90 said:

I think we are seeing 2 different vehicles. Which given the context for each picture is just too much of a coincidence.


The more I see them, the more differences I spot.



Second vehicle have visible mounts on the sides for something (side armor modules i guess), it can be same chassis with and without armor modules installed.

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