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nice, but seems to have limited coverage.
In other news:
>hull armor improved
>Hull spaced armor added

>sideskirts added
>Sponson boxes added
>slight experimentation with the sand colors.
The 145mm gun is still in because it's the worst-case for sponson clearance.
Like the turret, the hull spaced armor contains stowage space. The frontal slope would probably be used for stowage of tools, or alternatively layers of glass textolite. The other boxes will be described at some length later. All can of course be fitted with ERA when ready, and the all the thick plates are high-hardness for the shattering effect.

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Might as well post a status update on my tank;
Considering all the other things in the tank I haven't (and aren't) going to model like brakes, stabilization system, recoil system, etc., I'm pretty confident that 30 tons is a good weight estimate. Which passes the smell test; it gives my tank about a 50% armor fraction, and it's about the same dimensions as a T-55.

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I upgraded my Shot mk-1 to Shot mk-2... I now need to make a new gun, but still: 







18.11kg complete shell, 800mm total length, and now has a 130mm bottle shape. 

New propellant mass: 5.25kg 

New velocity: 1207 m/s out the barrel (with 50 caliber barrel). 

projectile is the same as before (5.84kg complete, 275mm length, 50x200mm tungsten carbide slug) 


I'm getting penetration values that I believe are a little high (173mm @ 2000m @ 0o), but then again my shell is going hella fast, so IDK. 

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