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My article about ukrainian ERA "Knife" and "Duplet":   In russian: http://warfiles.ru/show-101186-ukrainskaya-dinamicheskaya-zaschita-nozh-chast-1.html http://malikobalo.appspot.com/otvaga2004.ru/

Figure from an experiment, showing how ERA is drastically less effective when it is not oblique relative to the threat:  

In my opinion it is a very bad scaled model of a Leopard 1 with casted turret, not showing the TEM2A rangefinder flaps. Instead of the rubber track skirts ERA shaped skirts are attached. One row, not separated, no track work possible. For me it seems to be a quick and dirty design study only.

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5 hours ago, Sovngard said:



I expressed myself poorly, I was referring to the unknown model of ERA.

I was having a joke :) 


But honestly, wouldn’t know. It looks a little like the blazer fitted to the M60s during desert storm, with its very square shape and the way it appears to be mounted, but the side skirts look strange for ERA, more like the sides on the AAVP7A1 or the “razor blade” armor on the T-72 Shafrah’s. 

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