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My article about ukrainian ERA "Knife" and "Duplet":   In russian: http://warfiles.ru/show-101186-ukrainskaya-dinamicheskaya-zaschita-nozh-chast-1.html http://malikobalo.appspot.com/otvaga2004.ru/

Figure from an experiment, showing how ERA is drastically less effective when it is not oblique relative to the threat:  

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On 12/27/2019 at 5:23 PM, Sovngard said:




   Think about Duplet that is detonated by precursor of tandem HEAT and tries to destroy main charge with quasi-EFP/HEAT jet.


   It also apears that this gif below shows magnetic/EM field-activated ERA (magnetic sensor in ERA module)



   There were suggestions by NII Stali to make an "Active ERA", BTW. They suggested to launch a heavy plate into incoming projectile, which required a detonation of ERA tile before projectile (especially "fast-moving" kinetic-energy projectiles) connected with ERA block. This problem they proposed to solve with a magnetic-fuzed ERA. Also, they suggested this system to be used on lightly armored vehicles and to protect upper parts of vehicles against top-attack missiles and submunitions. Some search-type of testing was done under "Bronepoezd" R&D.






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   A short section related to NII Stali new ERA ("MERA"?) - Monolith.

http://www.niistali.ru/upload/iblock/e29/90th anniversary of GABTU-7.pdf


   "Today NII Steel JSC is preparing for mass production a new generation of ERA, which surpasses serial ERA models in their characteristics.

   Continuing to work on new explosive compositions for ERA JSC Scientific Research Institute of Steel developed a new direction in protection technologies - energetical materials and protection elements based on them. Energy materials are a new class of protective materials that stands between ERA and NERA. These materials work on the principle of local energy release in a narrow interaction zone, which increases the protection efficiency and its survivability."


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More like NxRA. I remember that in a patent by Rafael (patent number US 7,360,479 B2) they were explaining the advantages of newer types of reactive armors and listed both NxRA and SLERA as the best compromises between ERA threat defeat and NERA multi shot capability (with NxRA being better in this regard). I guess that in theory you could optimize NxRA to either release all its energy contained in its energetic materials in a single instance (thus working like an ERA tile) or across several shots, thus working more like NERA


Also i remember this article http://igorrgroup.blogspot.com/2010/06/russian-nxra-for-lavs.html?m=1 stating that reactive armor based on energetic materials was being explored by the russians for some time:

"An attempt to raise the efficiency of the reactive armor led “NII Stali” to creation of so called energetic materials. Energetic materials are a new class of protective materials, which stands between conventional ERA and reactive armor. R&D conducted in “NII Stali” has shown that when the shaped charge jet impacts the energetic material enclosed between metal plates, in the interaction zone which is as small as 60-120mm, a chemical reaction takes place with release of a considerable amount of energy. The energy release rate is comparable to that of the best plastic explosives. It’s about 5000m/s in the interaction zone, and decreases to sonic speeds with the distance from the epicenter. It prevents the shift of the process to the stage of the steady-rate detonation. The efficiency of such systems is much higher than that of other reactive armor systems discussed above, because all the energy released in the local zone is directed to destruction of the shaped charge jet...

This type of reactive armor is called NxRA abroad, which means it doesn’t use any explosives; it’s used in a variety of different armor systems (SLERA, LRA, IRA etc.). The use of this approach in reactive armor designs with multi-row cluster order of energetic elements with different levels of energy release allows control of the interaction process and adaptation to particular parameters of the shaped charge jet, which results in increased protection. Energetic materials can be based on different formulations. Due to selective sensibility to the shaped charge jet energy, the energetic materials are effective against tandem-warhead rounds and long-rod penetrators of APFSDS.

The ideas of such hybrid reactive armor abroad are implemented only for protection against single-warhead chemical energy projectiles and kinetic-energy projectiles of small-caliber guns. Russian designers are pursuing more ambitious goals for hybrid reactive armor, and they are very close to creation of really multipurpose systems that provide protection against the complete range of threats, including tandem projectiles."

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5 hours ago, Zadlo said:

Not at all. We know from the tests that is explicitly the performance at an angle of 60 deg. They also checked that at an angle of 30 and 75 deg.


The tests with 120 mm DM33A1 were made at 68° though, at least if this is based on the same tests that have been photographed.

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23 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

   I guess only our Polish superhero, @Militarysta, can give an answer for those questions above my post.


To the rescue!



also ERAWA have some sort of rubber outer pads ?

Yes, ERAWA-2 casettes are covered by 4mm special absorber layer (1K2KS and 1KF2KS absorber) whit mass 6kg/m2 and able to protect against radar working in band X and Ku whit f=8-16GHz. On typical PT-91 sucht absorber cover circa 20m2 and achive reduce detecting range at 50 to 60% for typical conditions.


btw is there live fire(tank firing at target with

ERA, or tank with ERA) of tank 120-125mm HEAT on ERAWA ? not static test when they install HEAT near ERA cassete and detonate it

Yes, on Ukarine in 2016 (tests for other client) when ERAWA-2 outperform Knive ERA vs HJ-8, RPG-29 and PG-7VR and BK-14M.  Sorry, no details couse all is classified still :(


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13 hours ago, Militarysta said:

es, on Ukarine in 2016 (tests for other client) when ERAWA-2 outperform Knive ERA vs HJ-8, RPG-29 and PG-7VR and BK-14M.  Sorry, no details couse all is classified still :(

interested only in tank HEAT rounds, because all ERA are losing it's perfomance comparing to statics tests, thin walled ERA almost doesn't work against tank HEAT the shell manages to pierce the block before detonation, and heavily decrease protection. 



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