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Syrian tanks at war. Some pictures and words between them.


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4 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:


How can you tell (it from a T-55).....Straight question, I'm still learning all this stuff?

You can kind of make out the dish-shaped vent on the top, which would make it a T-54.  This is not present on any T-55s.  I assume the lever-arm thing by the mantlet here is/was part of the IR lamp fixture, thus leading to the B designation.

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39 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

@LoooSeR  Any idea where the Centurion in the background came from?



We had wondered this before and came to the conclusion that it was likely a derelict from one of the past conflicts on the Israeli-Syrian border in Deraa (acquired after the fighting there.)  The Russians just took it and a whole bunch of other vehicles back for their display.

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7 hours ago, Marsh said:

There was a discussion on Tanknet about this particular Centurion. I believe it to be one of the Jordanian Centurions knocked out in 1973. 

I think same conclusion was reached on otvaga. 





You will like our MoD information about where it was captured:



They claim that it was captured in Northen Syria (!) near Salma (!!) from Nusra (!!!). On top of that look where 2 UN MRAPs were taken according to this POS map.

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