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General cars and vehicles thread.


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   This morning at the "Interpolitekh" expo, which takes place in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, one of the visitors tried to drive the truck out of building, vehicle was "Ural" MRAP inside the pavilion. The woman sat behind the driving wheel of a car, started it, and drove a few meters, and then ran into a glass door and building parts. Meanwhile, organizers of the exhibition say that the "Ural"  moved from the pedestal itself, as it was not fixed well.


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Putin arrived to "Valday" club on green Lada Vesta







   LADA Vesta will be the first production car in Russia which will be equiped with the emergency alert system "ERA-GLONASS".


   The system is designed to transmit a signal about the accident and other incidents to first responders. If a car happened to participate in road accident, a terminal that is mounted in a vehicle, automatically locates the vehicle and use mobile communication channels to transmitt to the "ERA-GLONASS" system information on the precise coordinates, time and severity of the accident, as well as the VIN-number of the car to the System-112 or to emergancy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The driver can send a signal independently by clicking the appropriate button. The device 'ERA-GLONASS' works even in case of no power from the main vehicle battery.  


   State system "ERA-GLONASS" was put into commercial operation January 1, 2015. The Russian system is harmonized with the European system eCall, which is set to launch in 2018.



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So basically they invented OnStar 20 years after the boys in Detroit.

For Lada this is actually serious step forward. Also, this system will be used in Russia, which is pretty hard taking into account size and avaliable infrastructure.

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BMW 503 Gran Turismo.




   This car was created in early 1955, under the leadership of designer Albrecht Gёrtsa as a response to Mercedes-Benz 300SL sport car shown 1954. Presentation of the car took place in 1955, at the Geneva Motor Show, and the mass production of cars began in 1956.

   Serial production of the car continued until 1959, with 413 cars produced, production machines cost the company more than the market price. Against the background of the financial problems of the company recognized this situation as unacceptable and production of the car was stopped.





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