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1 hour ago, LoooSeR said:

   No, never tried that version of MoW 2. What's a difference from other versions?

MoW II: Arena is more like an F2P version of MoW where you have a tech tree that you grind out, premium units, etc. to use in PvP and PvE battles. You use customizable regiments (three types, infantry, armour, artillery) that you can swap out for units that you unlock via the tech tree.


Battle mechanics are similar to the original MoW (direct control mode, spawn points for reinforcements, etc). There is also a short Soviet campaign.


Graphics are being overhauled from the original, and quite a few new units are included, like the T-35 heavy tank. Right now there are only Soviet and German tech trees, though the Americans are coming soonTM.


It's billed as a true sequel to the original MoW (hence why it is called "Men of War II") and is developed by Best Way, the original developers of Men of War and Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 (Digitalmindsoft collaborated with them on MoW and developed Assault Squad by themselves).

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On 7/21/2021 at 2:22 AM, SuperComrade said:

MoW II: Arena is more like an F2P version of MoW where you have a tech tree that you grind out, premium units, etc. to use in PvP and PvE battles

   This already sounds bad. World of Behind Enemy lines, heh.


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4 hours ago, N-L-M said:

The game is still very alpha, and a lot of the mechanics are a bit too abstracted for my taste, but it's fun (though short).

Yeah, from the conversations I had with the developer I was worried about that. Crews as abstract volumes rather than, you know, actual human shapes and so on.


It's getting good press right now, though, so perhaps Hamish can hire a few appy developers and a proper sound guy...

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Having played a bit now, I had fun but found some of the abstractions even more bizarre than I feared. Gun design is a particular culprit - you can't move the gun forward and backward on the trunnions to balance it, nor can you adjust the breech mass. Instead, you balance by changing the tube length and the "shell length" (which I assume actually refers to case length). Recoil length and force is not modelled at all as far as I can tell, and I haven't seen anything yet that points to shell quality being modelled. The final annoying thing is that barrel length mainly affects accuracy, which is an old saw that I thought had been put to bed.


The engine design is also a bit screwy, although here I'm not familiar enough with the mechanics of engines to elucidate exactly how bad it is. Engine displacement seems to govern torque all on its own, with no reference to cylinder number or configuration. Radiator size and heating seems not to be modelled at all.


@N-L-M, anyone else currently playing: do you think it would be possible to put together a list of issues and suggested fixes that we could all forward to Hamish - he's more likely to listen to a block of players rather than isolated complaints from one or two?

I see that a "shell designer" is listed as a roadmap goal, so perhaps we can suggest that it includes cartridge dimensions, pressure (which should also affect what thickness of barrel can be used and what tube length is optimal), shell L:D and shell quality?

For the gun design itself, I'd suggest allowing more options to play with recoil type, length, and gun position on the trunnions. This would allow recoil impulse to be modelled properly - with too much recoil breaking mounts and turret rings.



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