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Mountain units of the Central Military District, together with members of the Kyrgyz Republic Army, repelled an attack by illegal armed groups in the Tien Shan mountains as part of the Center-2019 strategic command and staff exercise. Maneuvers take place at the Edelweiss mountain range in the coastal zone of Lake Issyk-Kul.







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   Swedish armored vehicles Pansarbil m/31 as part of the Leib Guards Hussars Regiment (K.3) of the Swedish Army; 1930s. Armored vehicles were manufactured on the chassis of serial trucks of the Chevrolet and, later, Volvo brands. 


   The armored cars were equipped with  armored cabin and body against small arms. The armament of the armored vehicles consisted of a 6.5-mm machine gun Kulspruta m/14-29, located in the cockpit, and the same machine gun, located in the back of the armored car; part of the cars instead of a machine gun in the back received a 37 mm m/1898 gun. The crew of the armored car consisted of five people: a commander, a driver, a machine gunner in the cockpit, and two machine gun / gun operators in the back.


   In total, 32 armored vehicles of this type were built for the needs of the Swedish army. Armored vehicles were delivered to the cavalry units of the Swedish army, and the platoon usually included 3 armored vehicles: two machine guns and one cannon-armed.


   In the late 30s. m/31 armored vehicles were re-equipped - Kulspruta m/14-29 machine guns were replaced with 8-mm Kulspruta m/36 machine guns. In 1942, the armored vehicles passed and the second stage of rearmament - the 37mm guns on the cannon armored cars were replaced with 20mm automatic guns.


   Armored vehicles remained in service with the cavalry units until 1943, after which they were seized and transferred to the armored units. As new equipment arrived from the Swedish industry, they were transferred to training units. The last m/31 armored vehicles were decommissioned by the Swedish army in 1958













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