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Syrian conflict.

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   A lot of photos of shitbags together with Turkish army.






























   Shitbags unchained




































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Reports that Trump (again) ordered a complete withdraval from North-Eastern Syria (possibly the order doesn't count the sand of Al Tanf). 


Another reports that hundreds of IS detainees managed to escape from Ayn Issa camp few hours after US troops left. 


Also Oleg Blokhin from Anna News has been in Manbij since yesterday. Does it mean SAA is going to take over the city? 

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1 hour ago, Beer said:


Also Oleg Blokhin from Anna News has been in Manbij since yesterday. Does it mean SAA is going to take over the city? 

According to this, SAA units already arrived, and began talks with SDF to take over thecity in order to deter turkish/jihadist attacks.


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Seems that with USA out of the game the SDF finally recognized that they have to do a deal with Assad to survive. There are various reports about SAA and Russian MP deployement to number of locations in the following 48 hours such as Manbij, Kobani, Raqqa, Tabqa, the rest of Qamishli and oil fields. Meanwhile SDF is on a retreat from the border due to TFSA advance along the M4 highway. We'll see how it evolves further. 



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I hope SAA and SDF will reach an agreement. FSA jihadists are vicious, no better than islamic state. Kurds should realize by now that they will not have their independent country in Syria. They must cooperate with the government. Assad is not a monster, he can be talked with. 

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This is maybe the most important day of Syrian war since 30th September 2015 (Russian intervention). All sort of things is happening right now.


I wonder if one day it turns out it was all according to a master plan... 

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   Moscow. October 13th. INTERFAX.RU - Syrian government forces are preparing to take up positions in the city of Manbij and in the area of the city of Kobani in northern Syria as part of agreements with Kurdish groups, media close to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) report.

   According to them, the military is already near Manbij, and near Kobani they will complete the deployment before the end of Sunday.




Rallies march through the streets of Al-Hasakah to celebrate the announcement of the army's move to confront the Turkish aggression


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   You know, there is a feeling that all this is kind of coordinated. At least it looks like here, for now.



1. The Turks, by tacit agreement with Syria, the Russian Federation and the USA, go to the north of Syria under pathos speeches about “the fight against terrorism” and “the protection of national interests”.
2. The United States is withdrawing its troops from the north of Syria under the pompous speeches "let's stop fighting there" and "the Kurds did not deserve our help."
3. The Kurds suddenly find themselves in extremely negotiable condition and travel to Khmeimim.
4. SAA occupies the region
5. After N days of operation, the Turks also declare that the goal of the operation has been achieved, and we are going home.

Syria took control of a whole region, Turkey kicked the PKK, the United States got out of the stalemate, (almost) saving face. Everything is in plus, except for the Kurds, which, it seems, no one really asks.


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   Advances of SNA and Turkish forces so far



   Ru MoD map showing camps and jails in Kurdish-controlled territories of Syria. 7 black dots - jails with ISIS scum. Map also shows some major diseases areas (Hepatitis A and intestinal infections)


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There are reports about SDF+SAA counter atack along the M4 highway with several villages already retaken from TFSA. 


Also YPG captured one Kirpi MRAP.


Two Turkish soldiers confirmed to be killed by SAA artillery on Manbij frontline. Several others were wounded. 

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   Russian MP in Manbij. In interview with one of MPs in appears that previously Americans were stopping Russian MPs from entering Manbij itself (while our MPs could patrol outskirts)


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