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Vehicles of the PLA: Now with refreshing new topic title!


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Yes.  Partially buried on the roof of the left side of the turret, very similar to other tanks.


Not sure what the thingie on the barrel is.


USS Iowa was fitted with a radar to measure the exact speed of the outgoing projectiles to make follow-up shots more accurate.  Has anyone ever put something like that on a tank?



Most likely explanation is a MILES-type laser training system, IMO.

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FY family of Chinese ERA, while the first image gives away that's it's been around for at least a few years, I don't actually know how well it's supposed to stack up vs other models of ERA. (III and IV are supposed to be a double guillotine style design, I don't actually have much more then that though.)





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One thing about the ZTZ-99A (B?)'s front plate is it was originally thought to be only 1 ceramic/composite layer andwiched between 2 layers of maraging steel, but it's actually 3 layers of steel with 2 layers of ceramic and composite armor, the exact makeup of the composite armor is unkown, though Al2o3 (basically syntheitc saphhire) is strongly believed to be one of the components. with Graphene for unknown reasons (I'd say as part of the NBC system but, I'm sure "trash can sized tank reactor" jokes will follow.)

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