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Denis Mokrushin some times ago did an interview with Mi-28 pilot, now he asked what all this means (from MoD video of Mi-28N combat near Palmyra):


1. Selection of MFI frame.
2. Flight instruments.
3. Navigation.
4. Radar (not yet mounted).
5. Management of the radio station and receiving encrypted messages.
6. Frame total helicopter equipment, ie the parameters of the engine gearbox, etc.
7. Indications of observation systems (OPS [gunner sight/optical system] and TPSL [don't know what it means, probably thermal channel of gunner's sight]).
8. Monitoring of failures of equipment.
9. Angles of sight with respect to the axis of the helicopter.
10. The height of the flight.
11. The display of speed and height.
12. Scan Mode: OPS will move from right to left and back again.
13. The speed of the helicopter.
14. Type of target, indicated for FCS: mobile or stationary.
15. Display of irradiation of helicopter.
16. Move to the weapons selection frame.
17. Used ATGM: "Ataka".
18. Software target tracking. When the target is lost from sight, and FCS, using previously known parameters, calculates its approximate location.
19. Automatic target tracking.
20. OPS start button.
21. Flight Time of the missile.
22. The range to the target.
23. Light filters.
24. The direction of flight relative to Optical search station/gunner sight. Red cross - target.
25. The mode of external target designation.
26. The increase in travel speed of OPS-sight when you press the control button.
27. Scale.
28. Observation system for the commander of the helicopter.
29. Thermal channel.
30. TV channel.
31. OPS stowed position, sight look "inside".
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Mi-28N with Arbalet Radar mounted.


Radar-created map mode



Detection of electric poles (up to 20km)



Detection of moving objects on the round, green - moving away from radar, red - mowing towards radar





Detection of dangerous objects on flying trajectory



Detection of weather/clouds/etc, radar mounted on test heli



"Microplane" mode


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