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   In Pangasinan in the Philippines, an object similar to the Chinese helium stratospheric airship Yuanmeng was spotted in the air.

   Data on this development in the public domain is scarce, it is only known that the airship is capable of rising to a height of up to 100 kilometers and can stay in the air for up to 48 hours.

   Its upper part contains solar panels to generate electricity for the engines, and the gondola contains equipment for communications and intelligence.


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FPV drone with RKG-3 HEAT grenade, UAF



   Those could be quite spicy if seriously developed. Vladlen claimed that in one of part of frontline where they were used noticeably they caused problems. Unit had no properly working BMPs after attacks, they had example where a car at 100km/h had one of those drones hit a side window.
   You can target individual soldiers with such things. One of our units used them for quick recon in front of assault team so they would not waste time and energy clearing empty buildings and even rooms.

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On 12/25/2022 at 6:06 PM, Renegade334 said:

Behold the birth of the Cope Net!


That camo net did not stop anything, a 12kg drone crashing in at 250+km/h is not stopping on camo netting 50cm above the tank also suicide drones do not have an contact fuse but and internal impact fuse so as long it stops abrupty with loth of negative G it will go off., was anything actually stopped or just staged for a vid is another question , lots of faked shit gets posted.

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   As FPV drones become more popular in current war in Ukraine, here is FPV drone that i picture in my head to be ~how military FPV drones armed with big enough warheads (AT or anti-personal close to current ATGMs).



Most of the body of that drone on pics was 3D printed. Control system is relatively simple, like on usual FPV drones, i suspect in future it will get a bit more complicated for military version.








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As their is a shit ton of videos now of Lancet hitting stuff, (here is some of them below) i can add few things on Lancet drone itself.



Lancet-1, -3 and -3M have different warheads options. One of Lancet-1 or -3 that failed to detonate had HEAT warhead:








This is KZ-6 HEAT warheads for engineers







3 kg warhead, 1.8 kg of explosives, 112 caliber, can punch through up to 210 mm of armor.


HEAT warheads when detonating are quite easy to spot on a footage. Also, HEAT warheads can puch through tank armor in some places.










Fire inside of this tank after being hit by Lancet






There are also thermobaric versions:



Lancets are launched with same system as some of others ZALA drones:






Control station is nothing fancy, quite simple and fast to set up:



Transportation configuration and with wings mounted in place:








Lancet have 2 flight modes - loitering and attack. When loitering Lancet's HUD looks like this:



When attacking drone orient itself to center of camera view and it looks like it locks it, operator still have controls over drone and can choose a heading/place where drone should fly. 


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   Meraj 532 kamikadze drone, test launch from a moving car (can be launched using small rocket booster). Looks like it didn't had warhead, flames in the end is from leftover fuel. According to Tasnim, this kamikaze drone can fly up to 450 km at an altitude of up to 3.66 km (12,000 feet) and has a flight duration of up to 3 hours. Warhead weight is up to 50 kg. 

7178751-original.jpg 7178299-original.jpg



7178093-original.jpg 7178756-original.jpg




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Ababil-5 with Ghaem guided bombs and Almaz/Spike copy variant














New Iranian drone Akhgar, possibly Shahed type drone-munition with changes to body and wing tips design.






Karrar UAV with selection of weapons it can carry. AA and air-to-ground missiles, bombs, torpedos.








Arash kamikadze drones








"Switchblade drone"






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   June 6, 2023, AviaStat.ru – Specialists of the All-Russian volunteer project "Arkhangel" are preparing to test an aircraft-type loitering munition with a flight range of up to 25 km, which is an analogue of the Lancet kamikaze drone and, at the same time, is distinguished by its low cost and ease of production . This is reported by TASS with reference to a representative of the organization.


"Tests of the loitering drone are scheduled for August. This is an analogue of the Lancet (the Lancet drone is manufactured by ZALA Aero, which is part of the "Kalashnikov concern"), but its cost will be ten times lower. We have an interesting technology: large-scale, fast, cheap. In production, a drone can even be half the price of any Mavic device. If we do not expand production, even now we are ready to produce 50-100 such devices daily. In the future, they can be made in any quantities. It would not be a pity to send the device to one end," said the representative of the All-Russian volunteer project "Archangel".


   According to the interlocutor of the agency, the new aircraft-type strike drones will be delivered along with mobile remote control station, which will speed up the deployment process. "The product has a wingspan of about 2 m. We also came up with a mobile control vehicle for it, such a remote control. This allows us to speed up the process of deploying a drone for combat work, because a long deployment is a big risk. We will minimize these risks," the representative of the organization emphasized.


   The developer noted that the device will become a worthy alternative to FPV drones, which were widely used during the special operation in Ukraine. “We see the future behind aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles. FPV drones are now widely used, but all these devices have a flight range limitation of 5-7 km. "There are serious targets outside of the range of destruction that is available to an FPV drone. Enemy puts low-quality troops in frontline and leave well equipped troops and valuable vehicles deeper. If our troops get an aircraft-type drone that flies 15-25 km with explosives, we will be able to destroy equipment and valuable enemy personnel," he stressed.


   In addition, the Archangel developers are working on the creation of large aircraft-type drones, which are planned to be used for reconnaissance. "There will be no payload on these devices, except for good optics for reconnaissance activities. These aircraft will be much more expensive to assemble, we plan to produce 2-4 such devices per month with a flight range of 5-6 hours. This will be enough to cover a large section of the front Our scouts will be able to fly 50-60 km," the source said.


   Earlier it was reported that within the framework of the all-Russian volunteer project "Archangel" over 1 thousand Russians were trained to work as pilots and instructors of FPV drones in the zone of a special military operation.

Interesting note on necessary ranges for kamikadze drones. 

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About Privet-82 loitering munition progress.


   June 6, 2023, AviaStat.ru - The newest Russian kamikaze drone "Privet-82", developed by Oko Design Bureau, has been tested by the Russian Ministry of Defense, Vadim Zhernov, co-owner and CEO of Oko Design Bureau, said on Tuesday. It is reported by RIA Novosti.


   "We received a protocol stating that we passed the approbation of the Ministry of Defense. It was May 19," he said.

   According to the document, the drone was tested for the range and flight time declared by the developers with a standard load at a distance of 10 kilometers. During the tests, the drone started up normally, was steadily controlled throughout the flight, maneuvered, turned off and on again the engines when practicing a dive on a target, and worked out a repetition of an attack in silent mode.

   In addition, the possibility of transferring control of a drone in flight from one operator to another has been demonstrated.


   The drone also proved the ability to maintain the operation of control channels and data transmission in the conditions of the use by the enemy of the electronic warfare complex directed at the drone. Signals of the global satellite navigation system (GNSS) were suppressed at a distance of 2.5 thousand meters, and then the drone navigated without GNSS.


   Loitering ammunition "Privet-82" is capable of carrying a warhead weighing more than 5 kilograms at a distance of about 30 kilometers, while it costs a little more than 100 thousand rubles.


   Earlier it was reported that the new Russian kamikaze drones "Privet-82" will be able to fly to the front line from a single rear hubs, and operators will connect to their control already at the frontline and then aim at enemy targets.


   From the hub, you can send from one to several kamikaze drones to a specific unit at once. If there is one operator in the unit, he will apply them one by one, if there are several, then it is possible to deliver a coordinated attack on one or several different targets. It is also possible to transfer control of the drone from one operator to another when the drone arrives in the unit's area of operation.

Hello-82 have bigger brother - Hello-120, which was design to carry 120 mm caliber mortar mines. Hello-82 originally was for 82mm mortar mines.


Some of Oko Design Bureau recent telegram posts on a subject of their drones


Hi all!
We exit the silence mode.
First, DB is alive and continues to work at a frantic pace.
A fair amount of things have happened in the past month.

  ⁃ sent several deliveries to the frontline
  ⁃ presented at several exhibitions for the Ministry of Defense and the Minister of Industry
  ⁃ held several shows for very serious guys
  ⁃ closely acquainted with the army electronic warfare
  ⁃ passed the approbation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. As soon as we receive the protocol, we will share the results. Spoiler - everything is very cool.
  ⁃ we are now testing strictly at a military training ground, this opens up many opportunities

Now we are leaving with a batch of drones for the Donbass.









Here is hand over capabilities test:



Silent attack mode demo:



Hand over system:



   We at Oko thought about solving the problem when a unit faces the task of quickly hitting a specific target. Traditionally the target can now be hit by artillery fire, fpv drone or larger kamikaze. However, the problem is that in the case of artillery, interaction with the transfer of target coordinates and fire adjustment is required, there are not enough large kamikazes and they are launched rather as an alternative to artillery, and in the case of fpv, it is necessary to carry drones with you, which does not allow you to take enough of them. Here they are needed, but they are no longer avaliable, and 10 kilometers away they are present in numbers and not used.


   We have developed and implemented the "Pickup" concept in "Privet-82"/Hello-82


   The unit has fpv goggles and control equipment. If it is necessary to hit the target, “Hi” is called on the radio, which launched from a relatively safe (for example, 20 km) distance and goes to the application area in radio silence.
   There, the drone is picked up by the operator (it is enough to know the number of the drone and connection codes), the video transmission is turned on and the target is hit. Thus, each specific unit has an almost unlimited supply of cheap "smart ammunition".

   The concept of "Pickup" allows you to concentrate high-precision weapons in the place where they are now required. The launch pads of "Privet" can be located several tens of kilometers away and send the required amount of smart ammunition on request. Imagine - our positions are getting rolled up, the operator calls for support, and "Privet-82" begin to arrive from several sites, which are already in place, depending on the state of affairs right at this particular moment, can be sent to the target.


   "Pickup" allows you to get a kamikaze drone "right now", and the unit does not need to transmit the exact coordinates of the target, explain exactly where it is necessary to open fire, adjust the fire. It is enough to designate the area and then hit the target visually.


   The activation of the control equipment and the video transmitter occurs right before entering the target area, which makes the operator less vulnerable and does not reveal the presence of a kamikaze until the moment of attack.


   Units do not need to carry fpv-kamikaze with them, and even more so a bulky catapult to launch.


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Aa'Rok Prototype MALE UAV presented by Turgis et Gaillard at le Bourget 2023 fair :





The idea is to develop a technologically (relatively) simple, domestic and modular UAV (Civilian or existing components, front mounted engine, potentially ITAR Free, etc) in order to keep it cheap.

The price is supposed to be "slightly above a TB-2 and below a MQ-9".


Performance wise we have the following data for now :

  • 22 m wingspan
  • 14 m lenght
  • 250 knt (~460 km/h) in cruise speed
  • Satellite communication (which is unusual with a front propeler)
  • Max take off weight of 5,5 t for 3 t of useful load (fuel + sensors + weapons system)
  • Max fuel load 3 t (no radar or armament) for a consumption of 100 kg/h giving a theoretical max autonomy of 30 h (in practice it will be lower)
  • 4 AASM bombs with an autonomy of at least 10 h or up to 16 ATGM (Hellfire, Brimstone, Akeron-LP)
  • 24 h of autonomy with only a radar (either a Thale's Searchmaster or the Hensoldt/Selex equivalentà and an optronic pod (either the Saffran's Euroflir 610 or MX-25 from L3Harris)
  • Possibility to use a SIGINT pod

First test flight planned in winter 2023 for an initial operational capability in 2025.

There are synergy with the Saffran's Patroller which is entering service with the French army. Beside the optronic pod which could be produced by Saffran, the production version with use a Saffran turbine (same that will equip the H-160) and the ground control station is almost the same than the Patroller (with just a 4th screen added for satellite communication).

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   One of big problems with using commercial drones in war is pretty easy way to counter it with EW as datalink with those drones are well known and don't have any build in features to prevent EW/jammer interference. Some software changes allow to combat it a little bit, but it doesn't change fundamentally this situation.

   Here is Wagner's EW/jammer rifle operator and his "trophies":


























Those are i'm not sure where taken down with EW only:







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Lancet production. Company bought part of shopping mall where several western companies were and now builds drone there on top of main factory production.  Reporter stated that production increased 50 times after start of the war.




Lancet-3M (Izdelie-52) compared to average humanoid shaped journalist


Newcomer to Lancet family - Izdelie 53.



Designed for salvo launches and group attacks. Capable of fully automatic target search and attack in given area using image recognition NN with database. Part of system and AI-controlled attacks were already tested in Ukraine per chief desginer claims.




2 versions of launcher-transport unit.










Each Izd 53 can be armed with different warheads. They are planned to be used in groups, select target for specific drones in group with appropriate warhead.


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