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Syrian conflict.


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Al-Alkhbar newspaper (supporter of the Al-Mukomwa/Hezbollah) spreading rumors/claims that Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq established new alliance, together with Syrian Kurds (YPG specifically).


"According to the chief editor, Ibrahim al-Amin, secret talks between Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq have led to the creation of a new alliance, which he described as "the most important in the region and in the world for many years." He argues that Russia will coordinate its actions with "Hezbollah" and Kurdish forces in Syria.

"Russian created a coordination process with the Kurdish forces and parties," the article says. "A Russian military delegation made a secret visit to a number of Kurdish military commanders in Hasaka and inspected areas of confrontation between the YPG and the armed groups."
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Weird in what way? I am interested in that. Maybe those are ours (russians), who spread those pictures, lol.


Basically it depends on spelling, if you try to read it the Russian/English way, then it's very deep. But if you try to read it "normally", it's something like Soukhoui.


I don't remember the original Arabic name for Sukhoi though sadly :|

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Before 28th September, i don't think that our forces will be very active, but after - will depend on US/Russia talks results.


Ukrainian conflict and Syria war will be connected during those talks. In Ukraine, Russia tries to move conflict to "freezed" stage, while in Syria situation is becoming very different from what US polticians expected. I think thats why US is trying to put Russia in existing "anti-ISIS" coalition, to have an eye on Russian forces actions. We have to see, what will happen after 28th.  

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