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Syrian conflict.


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We are still in the stage of moving equipment, damn it!

BTW those towns are attacked by groups with very small amount of Syrians in them. Majority are from different countries in the region and some number of tadjiks, uzbeks, chechens, africans.


Need moar speed :D


Yeah, we have people here from Libya, Syria, etc telling us that most of the terrorists are not actually of Libyan/Syrian/etc origin, and there are many foreigners. Kinda scary to be honest. Hired PMCs..? Meh.

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I'm a little older than most of the folks on this board.  One of the things that consistently amazes me is the speed of proliferation of military intelligence.  We're getting open source data that most front line members of the military intelligence community would have paid thousands of dollars for just a few short years ago. The Armata thread alone has hundreds of images that would never have been public knowledge a few years back. 


And now within a few days, we have satellite images good enough to tell which freaking Flanker variant the Russians have deployed to Syria out in the open on the internet within a couple of days of their deployment.  It's an amazing thing.

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