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General PC games master race thread. Everything about games. EVERYTHING.


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The original Far Cry is a masterpiece.

   Well, i wouldn't say that, it had problems with gameplay pace at "indoor" sections and plot was as generic as you could get. But "outside" sections had sandbox-ish feeling that make up for mediocre parts, and gun play was pretty good.



Well to be fair there is a bit of survivorship bias.


Nobody likes to remember terrible games.


As much as I liked C&C Renegade (2002) for it's multiplayer and consider it more interesting than the contemporary Battlefield 1942, the singleplayer campaign was mediocre and the AI was barely capable of doing anything other than running towards the player.


   Speaking about AI - it feels that modern gaming just stopped bothering with doing anything interesting with bad guys. In shooters and action games bad guys are major element that player interact with, so how well AI designed is becoming pretty serious part of game developing and how much you enjoy particullar title, if it is not a scripted [non]interactive movie.  


   Last "big innovation" in game AIs happened with FEAR and their STRIPS planning system, IIRC. Hell, MGS 5 is using general principles that were shown and used with success in FEAR - radiochatter to inform player about enemies status and their intentions (to give to player ability to counter-play), unit/squad mechanics, etc. They only thing that they did more than FEAR was adding better CP/HQ chatter and reinforsments mechanics, AFAIK. Although in FEAR AI was made by 1 guy.  

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what is it with game devoplers and having the most autistic haircuts they can muster


and i fucking love that the guy takes 3 minutes to explain what a heads up display is


But speaking of the hud, the "stealth indicator" shouldnt be made into a light gray. It belends in with the mountainous skyline too much


The "machine parts" system is just the animal skinning system, lifted straight from recent Far Cry titles 


Same with "health plants" system


I do like that these are actual heards of big robots, gives some weight to the whole hunt thing


But man, did those explosions cause some fram rate drops, the video wasnt uploaded at 60fps, lets hope thats the reason


The attack on the robo T-rex seemed pretty easy too, i could see people just sniping those disks luanchers from a distance, and then dogding the -predicatble attacks to pick it up

Hopeuflly this game is challenging, i need a good reason to dust off my PS4 

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The gunplay is much improved, but they really dumbed it down, it's a massive step back as an RPG. Thanks to the terrible "4 buttons" dialogue system, you only have a vague idea of what you're actually going to say, and your SPECIAL and skills have no effect on dialogue options with the exception of charisma, unlike in FO3 and NV where you had options related to your skills all the time. The UI is unintuitive for the PC, much like Skyrim was. Still uses the shit, glitchy  Gamebryo/Creation engine that Bethesda should have dropped years ago. Plot and characters are very meh compared to New Vegas. Just play New Vegas, it's a much better RPG.

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Battlefield 4 is coming out with some new maps


and by new i mean night maps of old maps and HD remakes of BF-2 maps


Still a good excuse to dust off your thermals and pull out your Igla's



(providing origin's shit excuse for cyber-security isnt already gotten your account in the hands of the prince of Nigeria) 

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