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The actual reason they're not releasing that Dead or Alive game is because the series creator got really upset over nude mods for the one they released earlier in the year. I think there was even a statement from Koei before it came out that they wouldn't release any more DOA games in the west if modders didn't behave "morally" towards his "daughters."


Calling his bouncy titty platforms "daughters" is somehow creepier than photoshopping nipples on them in the first place. Who am I kidding, the nipple textures are probably already there.

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Did... did he actually refer to them as his daughters? What the hell.




The series' original designer and director Tomonobu Itagaki said his "daughter" Kasumi "has been a main character of the Dead or Alive series, and please understand, she is like a Venus to me."[50] When asked if he was comfortable with sexualizing a 17-year-old character, Itagaki answered, "In Japan, that's okay. Maybe it's 20 in America."[51] He also said, "I was 27 when I created Kasumi. I'm older now, but 17-year-old girls are still gorgeous."



Itagaki has described himself as personally "a fan of Kasumi" as his favorite DOA character.[26][55][56] He also said he felt "responsible for her" and was "very close to her".[52] When hackers found a way to remove her clothing in DOA2, Itagaki felt this "was an attack on her".[51]Tecmo's lawyers sued software company West Side, the authors of the hack, for violating Kasumi's dignity, and won the case




[itagaki abruptly gets up and walks over to the back of the room. He unsheathes a shining, three-foot katana blade from a display case and point sit directly at us.]

Itagaki: You like this?

XBN: Um, very nice. Was it true you conceived this game with former XBox guru Seamus Blackley, and that you two originally called it "Hentai Ballet"?

Itagaki: [Laughs, slapping his knee.] No, no, no, no!

XBN: So the main selling point of this game is sex?

Itagaki: No, no. The key word for DOAX is paradise.

XBN: But it's been rated an 18-and-over game in Japan. It's adult entertainment.

Itagaki: Let me tell you what entertainment is: Violence. Sex. Friendship. Death. Surprise. Betrayal. Dancing.

XBN: Is all of that in this game?

Itagaki: No! Not all of these things.

XBN: How do you classify the entertainment value of this game?

Itagaki: Several things here: First is beauty. Second is sex. Sexual content is there, right? And there's humor.



XBN: A lot of men will buy this game because of the attractive chicks. What is the most risque element you've included in Beach Volleyball?

Itagaki: You'd be surprised, but this is not really a sex game. The girls are beautiful, but I think of them like daughters. They're my babies!

XBN: So there's no nudity at all?

Itagaki: Never! I ask you now, what kind of father would want to show his daughters naked?

XBN: I don't know. Do you happen to know any?

Itagaki: Here, look. I'm going to show you the latest trailer. No one else has seen this yet.

[itagaki dims the lights and plays a new trailer for the game. It's similar to the previous trailers, set to the new familiar theme song, "How Crazy Are You"? Scenes are shows of Hitomi and Kasumi rollerblading in bikinis, playing together in the shallows of the beach.]

Itagaki: Does that look sexy to you?

XBN: Well...

Itagaki: But even if we show nipples, that doesn't necessarily mean sexy. The real entertainment value of this game is in the beauty of the environments, the characters... it's paradise!


He also got all butthurt because after he left the studio the DOA team changed her to look like a adult and not "SET THE BREAST SIZE SLIDER TO 100."

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This is a game where one player plays as a baby trying to get himself killed, and the other player plays as the father trying to prevent their baby from dying.

On the one hand, it's super difficult and harrowing to play. The 'always on' feature, especially.


On the other hand, the prologue was awesome and the graphics are pretty decent.

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What do folks think about that new Rainbow Six game?

A bit late, but oh well.


I like it. It's a tactical shooter with an emphasis on tactical, but it's not forgetting it's a shooter. As said, it's a 5v5 game. The fact you don't have a huge team and that teammates don't respawn will make you quite careful quite quickly. In my opinion the game does a very good job to force teamplay on the players. There are quite a bunch of so called operators, each with their own special ability. And they complement each other quite nicely. While there are a few operators that allow the player to play alone, it's not recommended. And if you don't know what you're doing, it's not fun. Players generally band together nicely.


As the name of the game indicates, one team has to defend while the other team has to attack. There are various gamemodes which will exclude certain tactics or operators. Sadly some people don't realise that and throw a cluster grenade in the room with the hostage. Some gamemodes reward hardcore camping, while others punish it. The defenders can set up an elaborate defence with the use of signal jammers, (shock)razorwires, reinforced walls, etc. But then again the attackers can plan an elaborate attack. Do we attack from two or more sides? Do we ECM their electronics immediately, or do we ECM their stuff on a side we won't be attacking? It's totally viable to breach a bunch of walls and to just run away. 

If you're playing with friends it can be a whole lot of fun, even on games you lose, purely because of the teamplay. Solo can be frustrating because pubbies gotta pubbie. 


The gunplay is very satisfying. The guns look and sound amazing (imo), but I'm not sure if they're completely true to life. But I don't care, spamming an HK417 indoors is fun. The game features a lot of breakable things, so it's totally possible to shoot through walls and other things. The game has quite good audio, so if you have a nice 5.1/7.1 setup you can totally nail people through walls based on their footsteps alone (heck, it works even with my 2.1 headset). Of course the game has a sneak feature which can be toggled. The game also features a very good lean system. It's nothing more than the usual left/right lean, but it can be toggled, which is freaking amazing. 

The only bad thing about the gunplay is that the damage of a gun or the armour on the enemy doesn't matter. A headshot is always a killing shot. 9mm hit on your helmet? You're dead. 9mm hit on your ear protection? You're dead. I dunno why, but apparently earmuffs are an integral part of your head. Aside from helmets being capable of stopping 9mm. So basically: Spam at head; you win. But firefights are still very tense and rewarding, possibly even due to the fact that a headshot is always a killing shot.

Basically everything that isn't considered an integral part to the level due to the level design can be destroyed. Some walls are indestructable to give defenders at least a chance of winning, but if you shoot through a destroyable wall, the paintings on the other side are totally going to fly across the room. In pieces, of course.


The game itself looks pretty freaking amazing. I've been looking at a lot of walls lately, and never have I thought "this texture is fugly". You do need at least 4.5 GB of VRAM if you want the best quality on 1080p though.


While there are a few no-brainer operators and a few tell-me-why-did-you-pick-this-one-again?-operators, all operators can be made viable if you know how to play them. But then again, very useful operators can be made completely useless if you ignore your team. What use are EMP grenades to destroy jammers if you're not even near your teammates? Your team can't breach and you're just a useless dude with a gun and no protection.


The game is absolutely not without its faults, but I can only think of one that has an actual effect on the gameplay, and that's the always-killing-headshots. Most other faults have to do with random disconnects, XP gains not working, not getting into a match, etc. But when you get into a match, it's an amazing game.


If you like tactical shooters, absolutely go for it. The big thing for me is that, while it's tactical, it's accessable. ArmA3 and America's Army: Proving Grounds are tactical as well (albeit in a different setting), but they can't be considered accessable. It's a game with a low skill floor, but a very, very high skill ceiling. It takes only a few games (or singleplayer missions) to know what to do. But it will take hours and hours to refine how you're doing what you're doing, Every moron can breach a window and rappel inside, but it takes a little more skill to place a breaching charge, sneak away to the window on the other side of the room, listening for people moving (yes you can hear clothes rustle when players look around), rappelling through that window (all entry points in the building are always boarded up), set off the breaching charge just before you break through the boards so people look at the other window *and* won't be hearing you crash through the window and shoot the bastards in the head when they're looking at the breach thinking "When will the bastard appear!?". It's a bit rambo to do so, but shit is it a lot of fun. Yes you can totally coordinate this with your team so they'll breach the door at the same time.




...holy crap what a load of text.

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