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    Guide "How to tell the difference between T-90 and T-90A". These are the most visible differences between T-90 and T-90A. I made this guide because I haven't seen any on this topic and majority of people don't even know there are these two variants (there are more) or don't know what is different between them, so I wanted to enlighten people. This guide is not 100% true because there are some "hybrid" T-90 which incorporate parts from both models, for example T-90A chassis (body, new tracks and engine) with T-90 cast turret = T-90K http://live.warthunder.com/post/599752/en/ I didn't incorporated export(T-90S) models because they can be distinguished very easily by the complete lack of Shtora-1 EOCMDAS or by the missing MTShU-1-7 modulator such as T-90SA for Algeria, Armenia and Azerbaijan. I am open to any suggestion or to constructive criticism. I hope this will help.
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    Here are the reasons. 1) It might make Americans sympathetic to Philippines President Duterte. That's because Duterte = Trump > Hitler. 2) Because we have our own news story about an ISIS jihadist beheading here in the US. 3) Because Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Paris. Climate Change. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. Trump, Russia. Russia, Trump. 4) Because it validates the War on Terror/Radical Islam narrative. 5) Because it's in a foreign country that most Americans haven't visited when they were on Spring/Summer break in College.
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    June 10, 2017 Our emoticon library becomes ever mightier.
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    Every day that goes by has me incrementally more convinced that Trump is the Grand Master Persuader that Dilbertman believes he is. I am watching him throw meat to the sharks, and get everything he wants while they are distracted. In a few months, his opponents will wake up to a bright, sunny day where the birds are singing, grab their phones to start the days reading of tweets, and find that Trump has quietly delivered on every. single. one. of his campaign promises. The wall will be built, tax reform passed, healthcare reworked, the VA restructured, etc. Trump will declare victory, and for many folks the illusion of a chaotic, out-of-control manchild will be broken. They'll have been roundly defeated, because they were too worried what "covfefe" meant to notice that he was getting shit done. Whether any of this will be good for America, I have no idea. But the opposition is currently demonstrating the political acumen of a pack of alligators. Trump is a cajun with some chicken fillets he bought at a gas station and a 20 gauge shotgun. They don't stand a chance.
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    When browsing various papers and publications I usually stumble on quite interesting information every so often, but it's usually not enough to warrant a whole topic or linking the complete paper. So this is a topic where I'm going to dump all the things I find exciting or interesting. I'll post a small explanation on why it's interesting/exciting as well. I usually save all the paper I read or skim through, so if you want the full paper just gimme a yell. ------------------------------- So yesterday when I was checking papers for the sandbag topic I was also looking at shaped charge penetration in concrete, and I stumbled upon this: If you ever wondered why anti-bunker shaped charges use aluminium liners, compare Test #1 with #2 and #3. While the aluminium liner has quite a bit less penetration than a steel or copper liner, it makes a much bigger hole. Which is handy if you want to drop a secondary charge through the hole you just punched. The after armour effect on tanks might be enough to disable it completely, but with a bunker you most likely need a secondary charge to effectively neutralise everyone inside the bunker. And bigger hole = bigger secondary charge. ------------------------------- While thinking about @roguetechie's question about a focal point in shaped charges I remembered a paper which had some simulations about the penetration capabilities of a segmented HEAT jet. Sadly I can't find the paper anymore, but the advantages of segmented penetrators are fairly well known. So I was wondering whether you can control the breaking up of a HEAT jet, which should be possible by making weaker points in the jet on purpose. And when looking for a good introduction to shaped charges I found this: Turns out you can totally make a jet that breaks up at predetermined points, and you can probably also engineer it in such a way it breaks up at predetermined times. Looking at this, it's totally possible to make a segmented HEAT jet, but it's probably very expensive to make. ------------------------------- A while ago we were having a discussion about whether or not a long rod can ricochet. Today I went looking for data on it and lo and behold I found a whole bunch of data on it. I haven't found a formula to use (that I can understand), but as it turns out the minimum ricochet angle is about 3-4 degrees for steel penetrators with an L/D of 10.7 (modern long rods have an L/D of over 35), depending on target strength: If you look at different L/D numbers, the ricochet angle should change, according to Tate: However Tate's formula seems to be inaccurate when you compare it with real data: Rosenberg's formula is more accurate, but it doesn't include neither L/D ratio nor target thickness, which is probably why Rosenberg's model is shifted up compared to real life data. What the relation between the real life data and Rosenberg's formula is, is unknown to me at the moment. ------------------------------- ...speaking of L/D and segmented long rods... This is why segmented long rods work: The higher the L/D ratio, the lower the penetration efficiency. When you check the actual penetration values of different constant diameter (0.3 cm) L/D ratios, you'll see this: The L/D 6 has a penetration of about 1.8 cm, which is exactly right for a 1.8 cm long rod. Remember, an L/D ratio of 6 has an efficiency of close to 1. If the L/D effect wasn't a thing, the L/D 30 should have a penetration of 1.8 cm * 5 = 9 cm. But it only has a penetration of ~6.2 cm. Which is due to it's lower efficiency of only 0.69 (9 cm * 0.69 = 6.21 cm). So the point of segmented long rods is to create multiple shorter penetrators instead of one long one. This means you're basically stacking multiple high efficiency penetrators instead of using one long inefficient penetrator. With the above numbers, a long rod with 5 L/D 6 ratio rods will have 9 cm penetration while a single L/D 30 rod (which is the same length) has only 6.2 cm of penetration. ------------------------------- More to come.
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    Jill Stein was ahead of the curve. Overnight, she developed the genre of cynical Trumpsploitation by fundraising for a recount that everyone knew couldn't possibly work. After that, she dispersed the monies using a highly transparent process. By "transparent" I mean "you can't see it." But of course, some slow-in-the-mind didn't understand the joke. The hashtag resistance isn't about meaningfully delaying Trump. The man works like a ratchet. Trump keeps getting ahead in areas where there isn't much media scrutiny, which is why a sugar trade deal with Mexico recently was renegotiated. Hashtag resistance and the Trumpsploitation genre of clickbait outrage are all about getting money and saving face. Dumb fuck. You're not supposed to actually do anything, much less go shoot up Washington DC. Noodly-armed catamite couldn't even shoot center mass.
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    Spanish Verdeja with 75mm howitzer
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    A staggering 21 Tigers lost in one battle during the Proskurovskaya-Chernovitskaya offensive, mysteriously absent from Tiger battalion records.
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    Visual differences between T-90A and T-90K. T-90K - Commander version Cast turret (T-90) with 2 antennas + new tracks and more powerful V-92S2 engine (T-90A) = T-90K Only two such tanks were produced. (false information) Visually, the T-90K can be recognized by two antennas, as it has additional means of communication (the R-163-50K radioset) and navigation equipment (the TNA-4-3). It differs from T-90 with its new tracks and more powerful V-92S2 engine from T-90A. It differs from T-90A with its cast turret. T-90K for the first time was presented at the Moscow exhibition of arms of land forces in 2008. And since then it disappeared from view. About 6 months ago this tank was spotted in Syria in hands of the Syrian Arab Army.
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    Testbed for sonic boom reduction techniques
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    Wonder Woman The Wonder Woman is next DC depressing movie about superheroes. This movie sets itself appart from Marvels movie by having unusual twist - superheroes in this film are actually a bad guys! In this universe Superman, Wonder woman and other powerful superheroes came to conclusion that they will never be able to save humanity, as main danger for it is humanity itself! Which led many of them to decide to establish super-dictatorship on humans, with very strict order, eugenics and genetical modification of human brains and bodies to make them obedient and futile. Superman in the film established his forces of mass-produced replica soldiers using alien tech to defeat humanity. Replicas were made out of Supermans fanboys using a lot of genetic enhancement Civil war between superheroes ended in favor of dictatorship-backers and now humanity is in deep trouble, as it will be transformed into slaves of some aliens and other strange humans wearing wacky colorful tight suits. Scene where Batman was found by Superman's Fanboys/Replica troopers in his hideout in Iraqi deserts Second model of Replica troopers were made with wings for fast clearing operations in remote places, this action scene is happening in early part of the movie Superman attacks last position of joint human forces in Northen America. Too much CGI with quick-cut editing makes this scene hard to follow After defeated humans in America obey to their new oppressors, other parts of world became aware of a superheroes plague that will overrun the whole world with their laser-firing eyes, tight suits and stupid actions scenes, living no place for real humans to live and breathe. Supervillians started to get into Europe and Africa, and this is where we meet our "hero" (actually a main antagonist) - Wonder woman, who lead supervillians attack on Euroasian continent. Gal Gadot as Wonder woman, scene takes places in ruins somewhere in France. A scene where Wonder Woman blows up some humans, to show that she is now a villian Authors of scenario of this movie have more interesting twists - according to flashbacks of one of characters in the movie, Russian president, Soviet communists are still alive and working hard on creating means of establishing communism somewhere in deep Siberian undeground bunkers. They are creating a robot workforce that will make communist paradise a reality. Russian president contacts them via special bot in Kremlin's undeground facilities to coordinate their actions to clear the Earth from Superheroes plague. "Contactbot" that helps to speak with Siberian communists Red Square as portrayed in Wonder Woman. Robot guarding one of FSB building in Moscow Communists proposal of using mass-producable drones to fight with Superman's Replicas and special robots to defeat each supervillian is supported by all sides and all military factories switch to production of combat robots. Commie Battle droids march on Red Square before being sended to Eastern Europe to fight Replicas and superheroes that invaded European country In few short scenes movie shows us how Replica forces were defeated by commie robots, and now wonder woman is hiding from steel machines that want nothing but her being dead. Communist robots hunting down main tight suit wearing super villian, defended by group of Replicas In last scene of the movie Siberian robots managed to cut wonderwoman from her escape and now they are assaulting building, where she tried to hide. Wonder woman was quickly killed upon her being spotted by robots, as no amount of armored bikinies can stop bullets. Movie ends with a Commie robot shown fighting in US, hinting future movie about death of Superman. It is like those movie makers wanted to say that only Commies can clean America from superheroes invasion!
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    I love my job E, now that I'm at a keyboard: One of our local traffic was taking off around the time the Apache was engaging rotors and requested not to be shot down on takeoff. Apache pilot radioed the unicom after leaving the pattern, said something like 'strongly recommend military traffic fuel here', and went on for like 30 seconds about how great our airport was. Basically everyone being super professional on the comms
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    This is a HuffPo writer, and yes, it is in response to the attack: Trump is a merciless python. He will point to this sort of rhetoric and scream that the fake news media has blood on their hands. He will squeeze, and they will either have to relent, and reduce their winking support for political violence, or they will have to double down and look like buffoons and thugs. Every time something happens, Trump ratchets a bit and his opponents lose room to maneuver. And you know what? Fuck 'em all to death. "Opposition" to Trump is clearly a theatrical exercise. There will be no impeachment, there will only be obnoxious, pointless obstructionism. The Democrats need people who are willing to negotiate with Trump on some things, stand firm on some others, and tell the radicalized portion of their base to get a real job and STFU. Trump is the embodiment of too many strands of long-standing resent to be defeated head-on. Meanwhile, Trump is making some noise about the latest attempt to clean out the VA: This bill passed with broad, bipartisan support. It is intended to make it easier to fire or demote underperforming VA employees, and includes some protection for whistleblowers. It's a crying shame that @Hognose can't tell us whether the bill has any substance to it. Improving the mess that is the VA will not be easy.
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    With the guy being a union hack, life long democrat, and Bernie supporter, is it any surprise he was a lousy shot?
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    To summarize Comey's testimony. -Trump is not under investigation -Trump did not order Comey to end the Flynn or Russia investigation -Trump wanted to be investigated to clear his name -Comey is a leaker
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    IT BEGINS Also, Kurds are tired of this shit.
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    Excalibur army upgraded T-72: Here specs, and ERA version used. More photos:
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    Be-12 with nose radar replaced with P-270 Moskit head to test missile tracking capabilities.
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    This is the Boeing XB-39: This was an early B-29 prototype, but the Wright R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone engines were replaced with Allison V-3420s. What is an Allison V-3420? Why, it's two Allison V-1710s glued together, of course! Seriously. That's what it is. It's two V-1710s glued together. Was @Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect an engineer for Allison in a past life? The Germans tried something similar with the DB 610, which was a pair of DB 605 engines paired together to a single output shaft. However, by all accounts the Allison design worked reasonably well and the Daimler-Benz design did not. Using the Allison engines in the B-39 would have caused delays, so the Army Air Corps decided to stick with the Wright R-3550. Switching to the Allisons might have been a good idea, however, the Wright engines were very advanced, powerful and efficient, but they were not very reliable. The V-3420 engine was also used to power the Fisher XP-75 Eagle. The engine was located behind the pilot, very similar to the configuration of the P-39 and P-63:
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    I see this thread is overrun by Loooser's commie human wave propaganda! How do we stop it? Also we need this as a new emoticon!
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    Stolen from Andrey's blog http://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/544066.html Photos of RCWS itself, from otvaga:
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    Philippines, Marawi city. LAV-300 with "carton-5" protection. After carton here comes the wood. (Cadillac Gage Commando V-150)
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    USS Tennessee bombarding Okinawa, 1 April 1945 (NH 42390)
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    I'm supposed to care what one of the biggest recipients of corporate welfare from the Federal and various state governments thinks about Climate Change? Elon Musk is the guy who watched the Monorail episode of "The Simpsons", took notes on the Music Man-inspired con artist's schtick and said "That just might work!"
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    CNN has canned her. http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/31/media/cnn-kathy-griffin/index.html Edit: Cue the memes of Pepe the Frog holding Griffin's severed head while the anthem of Kekistan is playing in the background.
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    USS Abraham Lincoln conducting high speed turning drills