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    Okay, just executeded my towewr... Literally. As in stuffedd a P-38 in it's ass and pulled the trigger. Yes, I shot my computer. Three times.. Fuck that dell POS..
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    US Presidents shake hands with scumbags all the time. It's part of the job description. The one who looks like he's trying not to cry at the terrible visage of John Kerry is Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to give his full, made-up Africanized name: Teodoro Nguema is not a nice man. The only good thing anyone can say about him is that he's a much nicer person than his uncle, whom he killed to take power in Equatorial Guinea. While Francisco Nguema was a flamboyant supervillain who ordered men dressed as Santa Claus to machine-gun his opponents in a sports stadium while Mary Hopkin's Those Were The Days played on loudspeakers, his nephew, after he pulled a Hamlet, proved to be a boring, run-of-the-mill corrupt autocrat. Teodoro Nguema personally steals the majority of his nation's GDP. The people of his country suffer from diseases that are trivially preventable like polio. The country isn't poor; it has a miniscule population and produces almost as much oil as Libya. The government is just laughably corrupt and awful. In a right and just world, Equatorial Guinea would be invaded by a stronger, somewhat less corrupt neighbor and have its entire government fed to sharks feet-first on live TV. But if you do that sort of thing there would be gigantic hue and cry in the UN defending the rights of Equatorial Guineans to be arbitrarily jailed and tortured by a man who steals all their mineral wealth. Here is Teodoro Nguema looking upset to be shorter than Michelle Obama, who could probably kick his ass: And here he is again with Secretary of State Rice: Here is President Obama with Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow: Berdimuhamedow is a megalamaniac, but he's got goddamn nothing on the previous president of Turkmenistan. Saparmurat Niyazov, who ruled until 2006, named the month of January after himself, and had a golden statue of himself that rotates to face the sun built, was definitely setting the standard for eccentric despots. Again, his successor is just sort of run of the mill oppressive and corrupt, but the US plays nice with him because it needs bases in Turkmenistan to support operations in Afghanistan. Here's Nixon meeting with Mobutu: Most won't remember, but Mobutu was a darling of the Western press early in his reign. Presumably this is because journalists were just as fucking stupid back then as they are now, although their writing was considerably more polished at that time. The man on the left is Robert Mugabe, who was when this picture was taken already notorious for using child soldiers. The man on the right who looks like he wants to get on his knees and gag himself unconscious is of course, the Peanut Farmer. Three years after this picture was taken Mugabe was ordering mass rapes and ethnic cleansing. Here's the shrub with Islam Karimov: Karimov is notable, among other things, for having people executed by boiling them to death. I could go on. My point is, Ruhollah Khomeini called the USA the Great Satan, and the USSR the Lesser Satan. And we fucking earn it. So suck it Russia! We're the biggest Satan in the world!
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    Even if global warming isn't even real (it is fwiw), I'd still be for replacing fossil fuels with nuclear. The less money falling into the hands of the Saudis, the better. Fuck them.
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    Yes, it is different movie here, in Russia. Main plot is about group of young communists (Komsomoltsy) fighting against planet Ego - a representation of capitalism and egoism of the West. Movie shows alternative universe where main hero is Yuri Gagarin that did not managed to land on Earth and his ship went into deep space where he was found by aliens. All 80-s pop music was changed to Soviet music from 60s. Rocket is Enot, Gamora is Nadya, Drax became Putin that flyed into space after beint hit with nuke during his battle with Hillariwi Al-Clintoni and Yondu is old communist alien, that was seduced by the Capitalism side but joins komsomoltsy and sacrifices himself for ideas of Lenin and Stalin.
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    So, WoT Asia server is adding actual anime tanks now.... RIP WoT, you have crossed the event horizon. This game is dead kill. Remove animea, you are worst tank.
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    We're playing the Will-The-President-Sit-Across-The-Table-With-An-Evil-Dictator game again? Cool. Because I can remember in 2008 when candidate Obama said he'd sit at the same table with the leader(s) of Iran and Republicans lost their shit and Democrats said it made Obama an honest broker and a diplomat. Sen. McCain wasted part of two Presidential debates on the subject. It's like the media recycles the same tired narratives.
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    No absolutely not. More people need to realize this.
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    Figure from an experiment, showing how ERA is drastically less effective when it is not oblique relative to the threat:
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    don't you mean (((persuaded))) him to off himself with 2 shots to the back of the head?
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    a few more p.s i will share my pics tomorrow evening
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    Jesus, you act like this is your forum or something.
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    I'll answer this as professionally as possible. Biggest thing I should address, is this "interview" allegedly covers the time I started through when I left and a little afterwards. Literally nothing he describes ever happened. Nor are they exaggerations of actual events. Nor does he remotely capture the atmosphere around the office, or the character of employees. It's just pure fiction. Mind you, WGA is a pretty small office. He talks about production meetings and the like? I'd know who he is in an instant. I can freely say I never met this person, and that he's never been near WGA's offices. The "interview" is really aimed at "confirming" long standing conspiracies about WG that have no basis in reality. Rigged MM (it's not), Rigged RNG (it's not), Special WG tools to spite players (again, no), general hatred of players (No, absolutely not), fake CS department (ridiculous and hilarious). Everything about it says disgruntled player, not disgruntled employee. EDIT: I feel like concluding this with a personal touch, actually. I spent two years and change at WGA and loved most of it. The company gave me opportunities and encouragement that I had never thought possible. I had the opportunity to work with some really fantastic people. I wouldn't say the organization is perfect (no organization is after all), but I wouldn't trade my time there for anything.
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    a little spoiler of incoming İDEF Altay modified after the experience in syria
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    Listen, this is just how my pond is. You can't ever get a straight answer from it, and that's fine. It's still more emotionally stable than most of the members on this forum.
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    I want this to be good but I know better than to believe it will be
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    The depression of both Type 59 (100mm gun)and 59-2(105mm) is -5°. Here is a data sheet:
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    These are valve-timing gears from the Bristol Hercules radial engine. This engine powered a number of mid-WWII British aircraft including the Beaufighter and Stirling. The Hercules used sleeve valves, which reciprocate independently of the pistons and thus require this giant mess of drive gears. In the late 1930s there were a number of fairly convincing papers that predicted that aircraft engines would plateau in power density unless they switched to sleeve valves. In actuality, conventional poppet valves were greatly improved and by the time aircraft sleeve valve engines were mature they had only modest power advantages over poppet-valve designs.
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    IIRC Canada and Australia are two of the countries with the biggest uranium reserves, and we're cool with them. Aside from the climate change aspects, we should phase out fossil fuels just because not burning a fuckload of hydrocarbons will reduce air pollution. Also, I'd have to crunch the numbers, but the environmental footprint of uranium mining is almost certainly less than that oil drilling (it's no contest against coal). (Inherently more energy dense fuel = less shit getting dug out of the ground).
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    T-72: Ural workers cleaning the mess after Kharkovites failed with their tractor! How to make a tank version of AK, by Ural. After initial testing of T-64 Army started to understand the scale of failure, how utterly unworkable this abomination was in majority of Soviet Fatherland. The engine had to be warmed before ignition like Italian supercar for rich Italian mafia members that oppress simple Italian workers and parasitize the working class! How could they even think about making such engine? The puny rollers weight distribution and driving comfort was terrible, and noisy as well. Those Kharkovites tried to ensure that Westerners army could track T-64-equipped armies from miles away even without direct line of sight! Traitors! And if tank lost tracks in combat and Soviet army engineers tried to pull damaged T-64 out of the battle, those punny rollers just buried themselfs because how thin they were, working as a self-entranching knifes and by this completely jamming suspension and not allowing to pull tank from the battlefield, just to ensure that Westerners will win! Those Kharkovites know no shame for their traitor rollers! Only Ural is really working for libeation of oppressed workers in the world by making a tank that any peasent and factory worker can use to throw off the shackles of capitalism from his hard working hands! T-72 Ural - a T-64 done right... i mean.. left! Army understood that this abomination - the T-64 - can't work in majority of the Fatherland so they decided to ask Ural to step in and help the country and cause of Lenin and make a tank that had all fancy features that Kharkovites promised for T-64 but designed not by politically unreliable people that made a mechanically unreliable vehicle to undermine achievements of Socialism and current 5 year plan. A true communists of Ural took a task and delivered everything Army asked - a reliable and powerfull diesel engine that doesn't have cylinders arranged by a 5 years old boy who like to smash his toys against each other head on; a big and powerfull 125 mm smoothbore main gun; and of course rollers, covered in rubber for ultimate comfort and stealth! And proud workers of Ural called that tank a T-72 Ural, a tank that will start a big family of powerfull tanks that will fight all over the world! How you can distinguish a T-72 Ural from others, more younger versions? Easy! A single driver periscope (1) will be used on all T-72 tanks and T-72 based vehicle as it is economical and good enough for driver, you can equip a lot of tanks with those periscope and still complete your part of 5 year plans! Luna IR (2) light is located on the right part of the turret, together with coaxial MG, unlike T-64's left location of IR lamp. T-72 Ural doesn't have anything on turret frontal armor (3) with exception of Luna, only naked steel to resist capitalist-made profit-making projectiles with power of superior communist steel and a bit of sand of Motherland, soaked with Nazi fascist blood. And of course, a single-pin tracks (4) indicates that it is an old vehicle, the 2-pin incredible high-tech tracks were only discovered during creation of Glorious T-80. But what if you see a left side of this tank, and it doesn't have IR lamp? Well, that it is even easier to distinguish T-72 Ural from others tanks! A high-tech optical rangefinder (1) helps to peasant gunner to measure distance to NATO invaders and accuratly hit them, while the crew is still protected by naked steel (2) of Ural and by Ural! So to spot a superior T-72 Ural you are looking for a T-72 equipped with IR light, optical rangefinder, naked turret and usually a single-pin tracks with side square rubber skirts (if is an old photo). T-72A - how to decrease amount of capitalism in your sights by shooting lasers! Ural workers, after creating and launching T-72 in production, never stopped to improve their tank in order to not give traitorous Kharkovites any ability to sell more of their sabotage tractor on puny rollers disguised as a combat vehicle. In order to achieve even better combat capabilites against decadent profit-only-dreaming capitalists Ural installed better sights with laser rangefinder and FCS on their T-72, which became a T-72A. So, how you can tell if you look at T-72 Ural or T-72A? Main difference is on the turret: True socialists of the Ural understood a main problem with optical rangefinder - a worker and soldier of Fatherland had to match 2 images of capitalist in his sight in order to find a range to him. Not only you should have looked at decadent westerner for prolonged period of time during combat, but you were looking at 2 images of him! It is 2 times more decadency per capitalist that free komsomolets should have witness during combat and what is allowed by Party and Narkom of Health! In order to decrease hazardous and health problems of seeing 100% more concentrated capitalism per capitalist, Soviet engineers created a ray emitter that could measure distance to enemies by shooting red communism laser to their faces and tell exact range to increase accuracy of firing main gun! This deivce was installed to gunner sight, which mean that second optical device was not needed, and it was removed, leaving only hard Ural steel (1) to protect Defenders of Soviet Rodina. Another modification was smoke grenade launchers (2) on turret frontal armor, that would help in combat to Soviet Army tank crews in their fight against clearly inferior American M60s and their Europen lackey's Leopards 1s. Also, side frontal-facing skirts were removed and just rubber skirt (3) was installed as there were no need in those. Ural workers continue to optimise tank designes to better execute a 5 years plans! Later versions of T-72A have different location for their grenade launchers in order to make a driver exit from vehicle easier, a clear example how much Ural factory workers care about warriors of the Soviet Army: T-72AV - a T-72 with strong explosive flavor. Choke on that, dirty capitalists! T-72AVs fighting decadent Saudi-capitalists backed arab-islamic fascists After creation of T-72A Ural workers did not lay on their backs full of pride of their achievements, they continued their work to improve T-72 in order to reach Socialistic future! New innovation came from unexpected place - the Berlin wall! During 80s Soviet leadership was thinking how to prevent Western spies and agitators from entering Free Socialistic part of Germany. Answer was simple - build a trans-European wall from northen to southern coasts of free Socialistic part of Europe in order to keep decadent filth out of minds of peasant and workers. But there was a problem - radical democrat agitators would try to climd over this wall to get to unprepared to their propaganda minds of citizens of new Socialistic Republics. In order to prevent that, comrades from NII Stali proposed to use bricks filled with movement-sensative explosive in external part of the wall, which would launch spies and agitators from the wall back into their profit-obsessed outdated societies in a moment when they try to climb over it! Because those bricks with explosive were activated by a contact with a surface of the brick, this system was named Kontakt. During full testing of this innovative idea of keeping westerners out of Free part of Europe, interesting side effect was discovered - those bricks were capable to prevent wall breeches by rockets, even with HEAT anti-tank warheads! Results of those tests reached engineers in Ural, which argued to use those bricks as additional protection for their mighty T-72, instead of wasting them on gaint walls. During discussion of this idea at Congress of the Communist Party it was decided that this wall would also block refugees from decadet countries from entering Socialistic world, leaving them in those terrible places suffering terrible TV shows, commercial brakes and paid healthcare system. It was decided to use produced bricks for T-72A instead, and this is how T-72A Vzrivnoy was born! T-72AV can be distinguished from T-72A by 3 easy to spot differences - Kontakt-1 ERA bricks on the turret (1) mounted in a V-shaped layout with a tip aimed at capitalist hords, ERA bricks on the UFP (2) and ERA on the side of the hull (3) covering 2/3 of the tank side. Moreover, T-72AV had 2 rows of ERA, protecting commander hatch (4), with additional ERA coverage of the turret roof and over the gun mount (5). If you think that T-72AV is T-72A with ERA blocks mounted rather randomly, looking at those photos, you will be right as those are just T-72As that drove through pre-build section of Great Communism Wall, while covered in glue. Kontakt-1 worked not only against HEAT anti-tank rockets, but it was very capable in it's primary role as anti-spy and anti-agitators protection! No Chamberlain-dispatched spy or Nixon-payed agitator managed to sniff out any information on T-72AV. Kontakt-1 was so effective that incompetent Westerners didn't managed to get name of the vehicle righ! A true success of comrades from NII Stali and Ural workers! ------------------------
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    some more....courtesy of Otokar
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    It is a very interesting paper! Their methods are interesting, but somewhat limited. What I think they are trying to do is simulate the stealth characteristics and aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft at the same time. This is useful because shapes that are very stealthy are not necessarily very aerodynamic and vice versa. So being able to simulate and test both parameters at once would be very valuable. Both of these methods are going to give inexact measurements that will give a general estimate of how the aircraft would perform in the real world. But I don't think it would be more exact than that. In terms of aerodynamics, they state that the computer model of the aircraft they use to simulate air flow is not structural. I interpret this to mean that the 3D model is perfectly rigid, and does not twist or warp at all under aerodynamic forces. But real aircraft do twist and warp as they fly; and this is why forward-swept wings are so difficult to get right. Also, this flexibility has aerodynamic effects. For example, forward-swept wings twist in such a way that they generate more lift while turning than would be predicted if they were rigid, but normal aft-swept wings generate less lift than they would if they were perfectly stiff. So their aerodynamic calculations are probably only approximate. For comparison though, here is a CL/alpha chart for the F-16 prototype: The numbers are fairly close to what this computer simulation predicted, so it seems to be reasonably accurate at predicting the airflow around fighter jet-shaped objects. In terms of radar cross section, again, they make some simplifying assumptions for their computer model. Their conclusions on RCS should be considered only approximate. In the real world, RCS can be increased a lot by very small imperfections. There are stories of F-117 and F/A-18E/F ground crews checking the RCS of their aircraft before sending them into the air, and having the RCS be much higher than expected. The problem would turn out to be a single panel, or even a single rivet or other fastener that was slightly out of place. Their computer model doesn't have that level of detail. It is clearly based on the PAK-FA, but lots of surface details like the IRST and DIRCM turrets are not modeled at all. Furthermore, the people making these models have no idea where the designers of the PAK-FA have installed radar absorbing material (RAM). I've seen similar studies of the F-35, and usually the computer model of the stealth aircraft is assumed to be all metal, not because this is an accurate assumption, but because people without access to sensitive information just don't know. They also mention that their computer has a hard time doing the calculations on the engine area and on the air intakes, so they unrealistically simplify the geometry of those areas in their model to make the calculations work better. Then they say that a lot of the radar returns from the model... come from the engines and air intakes. So their computer modeling is least accurate at predicting radar returns from the most important part of the aircraft in terms of radar signature. I don't really know too much about the accuracy of this sort of computer modeling vs the real thing. But I think we can see where they have made simplifications, and I think we can see in some ways where these simplifications have caused problems. In the places where we can compare their model's numbers to real numbers from other fighter aircraft, then their predictions are at least "in the right ballpark." I trust their aerodynamic calculations more than their RCS calculations. Neither is likely to be very precise.
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    You know what else is a memory? Bouncing .50 cals off of asphalt into the unprotected belly of Tigers. But yes, they get monstrous.
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    FNSS AFV's P.S. Next week i will be at İDEF 2017 fair in İstanbul will share all the pics and brochures i can get my hands on
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    The thing is, the issue is settled. There is a broad consensus amongst climate scientists that, you know, returning all that carbon from the carboniferous era into the atmosphere is having an effect on our climate. And, as we don't have too many ways to plausibly stuff it back into the ground, most are now talking about mitigation and adaption rather than prevention. I'm an optimist, in that I think that it might be a good thing in the long term to have lots of CO2 around for photosynthesis (so long as we don't end up like Venus). But then I also like the idea of dragonflies the size of eagles.
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