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    The US State Department and other US government organs believed their own propaganda. Remember this? The US government is filled with aging Baby Boomers who feel considerable nostalgia about the social uprisings that defined their generation. They also feel guilt about not having participated in them more vigorously, and wish to vicariously participate in such uprisings elsewhere. They became convinced that the entire Arab world was filled with hip, Western-educated young people who aspired to live in shiny, Western-style democracies instead of shabby, corrupt dictatorships. With a little help from their friends in Washington DC, they could make their dreams a reality! Yes we can! Also, once the revolution was complete there were going to be some shady oil deals and whatnot to sweeten the deal for some of the people involved. The first batch of diplomatic cable leaks have alluded to some of these. But this isn't to say that the US government started all this chaos to get their hands on oil. They're simply not that rational. The horrifying thing about US foreign policy is that the US is so overwhelmingly powerful, and so completely insulated from the consequences of its actions, that the primary goal of US foreign policy is to posture and to gain advantage in US domestic politics. If you live outside the US, you are just a puppet on a string, dancing to a solipsistic and insane tune played by the blind idiot god of America. Unless you live in Russia or China and to a lesser extent India. They have nukes and they're not afraid to tell the US government to shove it. Everywhere else? So, the Democratic Party and their extended network of allies in the State Department and elsewhere decided to prove their purity and support for Democracy by assisting in the overthrow of secular dictatorships throughout the Middle East. This was, in retrospect, and also a the time, obviously a bad idea. While these countries did have large numbers of hip, westernized youth who were tired of the corruption and economic stagnation of their homelands, these countries had even larger numbers of Islamists who were older, better-funded, better-organized, and far better at playing the game. The results were entirely predictable; the young, cool, hip protesters who basically wanted to turn the entire southern coast of the Mediterranean into LA were quickly displaced and cowed into silence by barbarians who want to dynamite the pyramids and conquer all of their neighbors so they can have them as rape-slaves. Also, I want to point out that that last sentence sounds like a breezy, poetic exaggeration but it's actually literally true. This happened pretty quickly; it was obvious that Islamist elements were wearing the pants only a few months into the Arab Spring movement. But the US government does not let mere facts stop it. Instead of quickly pulling support and walking away while pretending nothing happened at all, the US government decided that if Islamists had taken over pro-Democracy protests, Islamists must be the true face of Democracy in the Middle East. Seriously; that's how come you get retarded buzzfeed articles like this one lamenting the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. Very quickly, a number of governments that managed not to implode decided that if Uncle Sam was going to act all retarded and shit, they might as well do their best to make sure that it was directed at their enemies. These countries, chiefly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel, formed a surprisingly effective alliance of strange bedfellows that aimed at exporting their domestic political problems and at sticking it to the Persians. Saudi Arabia has a long history of religious radicalism, and an almost equally long history of exporting those radicals so they can get killed by airstrikes from civilized countries. Qatar is a Salafist country that is looking very nervously at their own 20% Shia minority and what's going on in Yemen and Iraq. Turkey is run by a knuckle-dragger who stays on top because his opponents are completely retarded, and who needs displays of foreign military might to keep his base satisfied with his lack of internal success. Israel's Likud government has a precarious hold on power and opposes an Iranian ally and long-standing rival. So, by making sure that a bit of money got into the right pockets, this coalition has kept the mostly Islamist opposition in Syria fed and armed. Propaganda in the US, funded by the Saudis and powered by boomer egos, has mainly kept the public from realizing that this is exactly the sort of anthill that the US does not need to stick its dick into, although they have remained opposed to large-scale deployment of ground forces. The biggest losers are, of course, the mainly secular, hip, westernized youth for whose benefit this idiotic operation was started. And yes, I'm sure they would grit their teeth and side with Assad if any of them haven't been killed.
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    Contest Idea: Wehrapocalypse now You work for a model-making company, and have been instructed to come up with a new line of tank/afv models to sell to punters. Unfortunately, the market for german tanks (ie: the biggest market in the industry) is completely filled - with manufacturers making every single variant of german AFV for which any historical documentation exists, usually in at least three paint schemes. Digging desperately through the archives one night for a varient which has not already been made, you have a flash of inspiration: why not design your own? The tank/afv you will present to the board must be plausibly German (or modified by Germans, captured by Germans etc), and must fit into a 1939-1946 time period. It must be recogniseably teutonic in terms of design and construction, but must use the minimum number of existing parts and components in order to make a design/trademark filing easier and prevent your competition from reusing their old moulds. The history of the tank/afv must be plausible, and must include some reason why it hasn't been discovered up until now. This means that the design should be for a 'lost' prototype, limited production type or exotic conversion of a captured design done in very small numbers. The design must be appealing to punters for some reason, which must be explained in the pitch. It should also be detailed enough so that said punters can get their wehraboner one by drooling over all the technical specifications and fancy-sounding german equipment names. The winner of the competition will be judged by a board of wehraboo and model experts (I'm nominating EE and Walter to start with, please provide other suggestions), with part of the prize being that someone will try to slip the winning design into wikipedia in the hopes of getting it taken up by real-life model makers. The ultimate prize here would be to buy your own model back in 1:35 scale to mount of a plinth. For this reason it would be great for each pitch to include faked documentation, design drawings, archival footage and the like for inclusion into wiki.
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    Even if global warming isn't even real (it is fwiw), I'd still be for replacing fossil fuels with nuclear. The less money falling into the hands of the Saudis, the better. Fuck them.
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    Look, I'm a patriotic American, and this sort of video makes me happy. You see, as a patriotic American, I have long believed that my country makes the best propaganda. Tremendous. Huge. The best, believe me. Bigly. This video is an excellent example of how to do propaganda. Good propaganda consists mostly of statements that are true. You don't make up your own facts, you make up your own interpretations of those facts. So, while most of what Klein says is basically true (and the things that he says that are wrong might be honest mistakes; in 2015 less of the truth had leaked out), the overall story is slanted. And not even obviously slanted; a lot of his big-picture stuff is also essentially correct. His breakdown of the factions and their foreign backers is pretty accurate, for instance. For instance, he describes US aid to the rebels as starting in 2013. While it is true that the US was not providing the rebels weapons prior to this date (at least not in large amounts), they were providing food and medical supplies since 2011. So it isn't like the Obama Administration was responding to outrages by the Assad regime; they had been materially supporting the rebellion almost since the start. Maybe from the very start, if you believe that the CIA was involved with the earliest stages of the revolt back when it was still part of the greater Arab Spring movement (I think that this is a reasonable, but unproven guess). The bit about how Assad released prisoners to "tinge the opposition with extremism" is a clever bit of spin. I paused when I heard that, because it sounds like retarded comic book villain logic. "Hahahahahaha," said Assad, "I will increase the rebels manpower by releasing extremist prisoners even though I am near Qatar and Saudi Arabia, two countries well-known for supporting extremists! The prisoners I release will definitely not call their jihadi friends from those two countries! I am so smart! Mwuhahahaha!" ...Yeah, I couldn't see that happening either. Here's my take on what was actually going on: Prior to 2011 Syria was actually helping the USA in the Global War on Terror. Mostly, Syria was used as a CIA black site where people that the US intelligence apparatus scooped up disappeared into. So Assad generally releasing prisoners in 2011 sounds to me like Assad realizing that the honeymoon was over, and shutting down the CIA's black site because he didn't need that in his country anymore. Also, I strongly suspect that a lot of the stories about torture and extrajudicial executions happening in Syrian prisons prior to the revolution were aided and abetted by the CIA. So now Assad is getting criticism from the US government for torturing and killing people, which he was doing because the US government asked him to. Lovely. If you want to get ahead in international politics, I have three words for you. Don't. Trust. Jonathan. Anyway, in 2013 there was a sarin gas attack that was allegedly by the Syrian government. I say "allegedly" because aside from the perpetrators of the attack, nobody is still quite sure who did it. Either this attack was the result of ongoing incompetence by Assad's military (who, let's face it, are generally incompetent with the exception of individual formations) because there were all sorts of things that needed gassing way more than civilians, or a false-flag intended to build support in the USA for the war (Seymour Hersh alleges that this is the case), or even a simple mistake (it's possible that pesticide storage got hit, and some pesticides are chemically very similar to sarin and in large amounts produce almost identical poisoning). Anyway, the usual story that gets spun is that Obama backed down from a US military intervention in Syria because the US public was tired of war and because Obama is a pussy. This is partially true, mostly the part about him being a pussy. Truth is though, the US has been engaged in a massive air campaign over Syria since 2014. They just haven't been hitting the Syrian government. On top of that, since at least 2013 the US has been supplying Syrian rebels with weapons, so the usual media line that gets peddled in the West that the US is aloof or relatively uninvolved in the conflict is bullshit. Klein's video's account of the origins of DAESH aka ISIL aka ISIS aka Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad is really the low point of the video. He's way, way, obviously factually off. ISIS didn't form in 2014 in Syria. It formed in 1999 in Iraq, although it didn't come to the attention of US intelligence until the mid 2000s, and was only able to make a serious nuisance of itself by about 2012. The idea that ISIS didn't engage the Syrian government is also laughably wrong; look at the siege of Deir ez Zor, but that was something that was commonly repeated in Western media as late as 2015. He also repeats the claim that Russia didn't bomb ISIS in 2015. This isn't really true; about 10% of the initial Russian air campaign was directed at ISIS, memorably some of the early kaliber cruise missile strikes. Again, this was a narrative that the media has quietly withdrawn, since Russian air support was instrumental in defeating ISIS in Palmyra and holding the line in Deir ez Zor. His main thesis, that the war is a mess with no obvious end in sight, was a reasonable one in late 2015. His characterization of the players is pretty skewed, however. As of now, the Assad government is slowly but definitively winning. Russian air support, re-training and re-equipment of large portions of the SAA, and several key victories (notably Aleppo) have given them the initiative.
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    Armor protection of the tanks of the second postwar generation T-64 (T-64A), Chieftain Mk5P and M60 Technical data on soviet 1-st post WW2 generation of tanks, Like T-54, T-55 and T-62 are well known and well described in literature. But what if Soviet “premium” tanks of 70-s era were engaged into real combat against western tanks in Europre. This article provides description of "Object 432" (T-64) and T-64A tank combined protection (composite armor, anti radiation and chemical protection) in comparison to western designed tanks – “Chieftain” Mk5P and M60A1. Information on T-64 protection includes technical project (presentation) dated 1961 and technical drawings from various periods. Information on “Chieftain” Mk5P and M60A1 tanks is a result of study of captured tanks delivered to USSR in 1970s and beginning of 1980-s, published in technical reports of that period. The importance of information is the common testing criteria based on Soviet approach to tanks testing and protection design. This article contains mostly direct citations of facts and numbers published in reports with some comments. Well, suppose this is a useless task. Prepared a first article in English, but translating this materials is very complex task in question of terms. Will be grateful is anybody assist in corrections of this material (terms and so on). http://btvt.info/3attackdefensemobility/432armor_eng.htm
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    Speaking of violent protestors, weaponized autism did it again and the cunt who was whacking people with a bike lock has most likely been ID'ed. The guy had his face covered while whacking people, but he made the mistake of not having it covered the entire day, despite everyone everywhere recording everything. He helped teach philosophy at SFSU and generally had a lot of himself online to doublecheck stuff with. A lot of the things he wore there are also things he often has on him for normal stuff. Same facial features, pen, eye color, clothes, boots, backpack, glasses, bike lock, was at the rally, and nuked his online presence once he was found. Isn't 100% proof, but it's rather convincing. This is apparently from his okcupid or something. Elsewhere on the page says he's interested in "helping to precipate the end of civil society" and spends a lot of time thinking about revolution. Sapiosexual is a new one for me (google tells me it's sexual attraction to intelligence, so in other terms he's fedorasexual).
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    Found this outside when I was taking a break from machining.
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    These are valve-timing gears from the Bristol Hercules radial engine. This engine powered a number of mid-WWII British aircraft including the Beaufighter and Stirling. The Hercules used sleeve valves, which reciprocate independently of the pistons and thus require this giant mess of drive gears. In the late 1930s there were a number of fairly convincing papers that predicted that aircraft engines would plateau in power density unless they switched to sleeve valves. In actuality, conventional poppet valves were greatly improved and by the time aircraft sleeve valve engines were mature they had only modest power advantages over poppet-valve designs.
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    IIRC Canada and Australia are two of the countries with the biggest uranium reserves, and we're cool with them. Aside from the climate change aspects, we should phase out fossil fuels just because not burning a fuckload of hydrocarbons will reduce air pollution. Also, I'd have to crunch the numbers, but the environmental footprint of uranium mining is almost certainly less than that oil drilling (it's no contest against coal). (Inherently more energy dense fuel = less shit getting dug out of the ground).
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    I don't understand how "I only have sex with people I'm attracted to" became an identity.
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    It varies from police department to police department. For instance at the Milo Yackoffinasock event held at the University of Washington on Inauguration Day, the UW campus police basically just sat back and watched as a riot unfolded. No arrests and only a handful of weapons from the protesters were confiscated. This is the same event, btw, where the wife of a Milo fan gut shot with her Glock a International Workers of the World wobbly enforcer who had jumped her husband during a back and forth. The couple turned themselves into the campus police the next day. I've been through numerous protests/riots and with the Seattle PD, they basically let the kiddies have a good scream in the streets before the shield wall, bike cops, flash bangs and horse patrol come in to slowly and methodically push the protesters off the streets and into a direction that they want to go. Talking to the cops, it's basic phalanx and cavalry tactics. They'll use the flashbangs to clear space. The bike cops ride in, dismount and use their bikes as temporary barricades and then the shield wall comes in to hold that ground. Bike cops move back and remount. The horse cops follow sedately and are actually kind of there to promote good will since Seattleites like pretty horses. In the meantime, there are spotters on the high rises with binos trying to scope out anyone with real weapons, guns, knives or whatever and they have radios which they use to call down catch-and-remove orders to the plain clothes cops mingling with the protesters who will nab anyone really dangerous. I've taken Mrs. The Captain to the small scale riot in Seattle after the Super Bowl win in Pioneer Square so she could see what one looks like. I got us up on the Sinking Ship parking garage and we had a nice view of the tactics and we chatted with the horse cops afterwards. The funniest part of the evening were the black people - mostly middle aged black women - egging on the cops to beat the asses of the almost entirely white rioters.
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    Watched Ghost in the Shell: We run out of ideas edition. In short - it is slightly above average, like 6 or 7 out of 10. Movie is strange amalgamation of original movie and Stand alone complex series, and not in a good way. And they don't mix actual ideas from movies, as much as parts of plotlines and just scenes. Scarlett as Motoko was distracting, and looks like for almost whole movie her face was not working properly, giving that stupid "i am acting a robot" impression the whole time. She reminded me much more of Lucy than Major (probably because every fucking characters was telling to her how important she is). "I AM ACTING" [ACTING INTENSIFIES] NEVER ACTED SO HARD. AND YES RED LIPSTICK IS A MUST FOR CYBER CRIMES SOLVING WOW SOMEBODY TURN OFF HER "DEFAULT EMOTION" FACE FOR A MOMENT GONA WIN AN OSCAR. RED LIPSTICK WILL ALSO BE COVERED BY OPTICAL CAMO, YOU SILLY Scarlett acting was inspired by this scene where Motoko's body is highly damaged and malfunctioning. And why on Earth she was casted as Motoko? Her acting in Lucy and in Marvel films shows different types of character that she can do (and in case of Lucy - that she can't). And Major was a bit more... athletic (yes, @Collimatrix, i know what you are going to say. And @T___A would like some screenshots from original, lol). Motoko in a original had this... thoughtful, melancholic hopelessness that i really like, while in the live action adaptation she looks just dead or/and dumb. Anyway, i will go through this movie. 1) Don't expect any new ideas from this movie if you ever watched any of previous movies and series. In fact, as i said earlier, this movie takes some parts of plots from them and make them much more stupider by never exploring them deeper, they never reach even TV series level in this aspect. Main character is suffereng from amnesia with a past to be discovered (how original) and "Am i just a machine? -> I AM NOT A MACHINE!" drama from standart sci-fi script number 2701, and of course doctor that made her body is a "mother" figure that helps her to go trough standart sci-fi emotinal arc number 5632 of "I AM NOT A MACHINE!" of standart sci-fi script number 2701. Main bad guys are evil Hanka Corporation that wants to make everybody to be just a machine (standart sci-fi script number 2701!!!!) because reasons. Bad boss guy is yet another evil CEO that i forgot how name even sounds like. Qattar? Whatever. And yes, he is shady white rich male that will kill mother figure (personally, of course!) to motivate Scarlett to not like him. Secondary bad guy is actually slightly more interesting, Kuze (which is yet another stolen character from TV series and amalgamation of several characters) have motivation outside of just being bad. Although because this movie is too much ideas randomly stolen scenes put into 100 minute movie with too much footage of Scarlett's dead face, he never get enough time to be developed in any smart way, only hinting possible incredible scenes and twists that could have been made out of him. It's funny how a characters with clearly visible artificial-made face was acted better than Moko's (or Miko's... i forgot a name of main character, hahaha, in this film her name was changed from Motoko to something shorter). Main hero's side character, friend and fellow officer Batou was pretty good, maybe because he was writen as human and acted by one. All other members of Section 9 had almost 0 time on the screen, which is shame as several of thouse could have been used to make this live action adaptation more interesting and alive. Like Saito (sniper, in one of recent series was used as sort of "comedic" character) or Ishikawa (old experienced member of unit), or Togusa (police detective that was transfered to unit, almost completely a human unlike rest of members. Several great scenes from anime TV series and movie made me care about this fictional character). High-caliber sniper "rifles" are usual toys for Saito. Togusa not very happy with his very short screentime Ishikawa in live action film (you can count seconds of how much he was on the screen) and in 1995 animated movie. Diologues were boring for the most part, i don't remember any of them outside of re-used ones from original (like scene on a boat) and several lines said by Aramaki during assassination attempt. I really don't like how they turned Motoko, a woman who was making job done and trying to understand the end game of events into some emotional teenager that tries to understand how world works by having personal identity crisis. He was great as an old "fox" The whole plot, the way it go through events and how it gets to end is not really interesting. The "politics-humans relationships-society in a cyber world" part of GiTS, that adds flavor to main story, is gone. No smart ideas, no smart twists, no provoking or mind-capturing concepts, this whole movie felt like on rails and empty at times (especially in the middle). Somebody took a bad quality photo of good art piece and decided to mass produce it to unwashed peasants on top of some packages for candies THAT ARE NOT THAT TASTY ANYWAY. 2) Visuals They are pretty good at times. Scene with geishas was done well, outside of several small things that bothered me (hitmans scenes did not had clear sense of place/location and GAINT MUZZLE FLASHES), color, lighting, composition made thins scene just visually pleasing to watch. Spider tank look almost real at times. And yes, it is controlled by evil CEO personally. Also they, using computer stuff, made Scralett's body a bit more athletic at times... which is confusing as at some parts of film she was normal-looking woman. Scenes in city, where all strange CGI-effects and big ass shiny ads were happening was on a background a lot of the times, which i liked as it was way more subtle that almost everything in this movie. But some effects (like in a gif with a tank above where shells hits feels like stock SFX library "pufs") looks pretty cheap or not convincing. Cars in the movie looked also cheaply made studio-use only props that would be forgoten and disassembled a week after scene was done. Yes, this is a car that was used in the sci-fi movie. Bladerunner prop? And there is plenty of this "good-average-bad-good-average-good-bad" kind of deal with cinematogrophy. Some times cuts were too fast for a scene, not giving you time to take it in you. Prime example - trash truck crew chase. In a original there was a section where hacked worker was running trough the city, and movie was showing you this city, both shiny and trash-filled parts of it, how layered it was with old and new, efficient and neglected parts. In this movie this scenes have just several seconds of this (again, completely taken from original). Optical camo is also strange on Scarlett - when not active it still have this "electicity is blue" waves going all over suit, making it look more as a magical artifact than actual piece of equipment. At least in the original creators had a little fun with optical camo. So visuals are jumping all over the place at times, but mostly they are good. 3) Sound and music They suffer from Marvel's syndrom of "we will take what scene is trying to show and will make a music version, and in a forgetable way". All sounds are pretty standart sci-fi type of soundwork, and i don't remember any of the music. Compared to just opening of the original, the musical part of new movie as average at best. In short - bland and boring. 4) Action Not bad, but after John Wick 2 action looks... not really stimulating. In the first scene they used obvious CGI model of Scarlett to... kick one of hitmans in the back... yeah. Fighting is average, i would even call it standart. The big action scene in the end with spider tank is way worse than in original, as in original she aknowledged a incredible danger from a tank, and acted like somebody in very risky situation. In a new film Scarlett don't even take cover when evil-CEO-controlled robot was shooting at her... A fight with hacked man in live action and in 1995 movie. There was not much of action, for original it was ok as it had more to keep attention of viewers, while in new movie we have Scarlett staring at a prostitute for a minute or laying in a bed with her "no facial expression" facial expression. 5) Conclusion. If you saw anything from GiTS and liked it - continue with original movie, movies after and TV series and don't see Holywood attempt to make a GiTS film. If you saw all of them - current one have no value. If you have no idea what GiTS is - don't start your journey with this Lucy 2.0. "That is some junk over there that i beat up completely".
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    More on that, literally just revealed NK OICW in the parade. Credits to Akula_941 for the photo.
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    Do we get to have a description of this thing before we all set out to make a shrine to it? Or do we just grab the image you provided and start printing out pillows?
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    Russian part of internet is angry. "President from which you don't know what to expect. Before, Now"
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    Fair enough. I definitely get the impression that, as usual, the rebels waited until they thought that the SAA and allies were over-extended on other fronts before launching this Hama offensive. Russia claims that the recent "chemical attack" was the result of an airstrike hitting a rebel stockpile of chemical weapons. Something that a lot of news media do not understand is that it's very difficult to assign these sorts of chemical attacks. In the case of the alleged 2013 Ghouta chemical attack, for instance, it is entirely possible that the mass poisoning was caused by the leakage of organophosphate insecticides. These chemicals produce symptoms very similar to nerve gas poisoning, and indeed they are very chemically similar (sarin is basically people-strength pesticide*). Some early reports noted that agricultural supplies were stockpiled in the area nearby the 2013 Ghouta mass poisoning, and to the best of my knowledge the possibility that the poisoning was caused by agricultural pesticides was never ruled out. Something that conspiracy theorists do not understand is how difficult it is to identify targets in war. In the 1991 Gulf War, more Coalition casualties were caused by friendly fire than by the Iraqis. Many of the outrages in the Syrian conflict could very easily have been caused by mistakes and are not necessarily deliberate acts. Also, the idea that these rebels have gotten their hands on nerve agents should give serious pause and consideration. These are people who have locked women in cages and put those cages on top of buildings to use as human shields. They have traded manpower and weapons with ISIS. They also have access to a weapons-dealing network that spans at least the Mediterranean, and terror attacks from Europe to India that were previously thought to be the actions of lone wolves were later shown to be coordinated from ISIS-held areas in Syria and Iraq. If these people have nerve gas, that's very, very bad. *If there is ever a war with very large scale use of nerve agents, it will probably devastate the agriculture in the area where it is fought for a few years. The nerve agents will kill people, and they will also kill all the bees, butterflies, mites, earthworms and other creatures that make a healthy, fertile soil ecology possible.
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    How to steal a small house with helicopter in easy 3 steps: 1. Get a Mi-10 2. Grab the house 3. Fly away
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    This concrete cross in the middle of the Arizona desert is mute testimony to the American spirit of can-do and getting things done, even if it's hard. In the 1950s, the United States had taken upon itself the essential task of spying on the Soviet Union. Why the hell they wanted to spy on a bunch of miserable commies waiting around in bread lines is beyond me, but the point of this story is that Americans can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of whether it's a good idea. To this end the US contracted Lockheed to design the elegant U-2 spyplane. This worked for a while, but eventually the damn commies developed a habit of shooting these things down. Clearly, the commies weren't going to make it easy to spy on them. The solution was to put the commie-spying-on camera on a platform that was both unmanned and in space. To this end, the Corona satellite family was developed: There was just one problem; while the astrogation systems (star trackers that could keep the satellite pointed at Earth), calibration systems (the big concrete crosses the satellites could focus on), and launch systems were all mature, digital communications had not yet been refined to the point where the satellites could beam over the images as a series of radio signals. Film images from the satellites were printed on physical film. The solution? Shoot the film canisters out of the satellite and catch them mid-fall with a cargo plane. Seriously: These two films describe the process in more detail: Eventually, high-bandwidth radio communications would be developed which would obviate the need for the mid-air snatch operation. This was significantly less awesome, but also much more practical.
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    The optics for both gunner and pilot include thermal imagers made by Safran (based on their Iris product line). The Osiris mast-mounted sight also includes other optics, a laser-rangefinder and an automatic tracking functions. Still the gun pod requires the whole helicopter to turn/depress for aiming. Germany uses the HMP-400 gun pod from FN Herstal, which holds only 400 rounds, which (given that you cannot reload it without landing) seems to be lackluster. In the very first firings, the system was criticized for poor accuracy, but supposedly that was fixed via better calibration. It's quite a shame. The UHT was originally meant to be "the best anti-tank helicopter" and then the most expensive/capable variant of the Tiger, but ended up being cut down to be currently being useful for nothing (excluding carrying HOT missiles and Stinger MANPADS). After the decision was made to switch the UHT from an anti-tank to a general combat support role, the German MoD founded the development of the RMK 30 recoilless automatic cannon. The French gun was previously considered as being not precise enough and being expensive to integrate... the RMK 30 ended just being "too expensive to integrate". So, next logical step would be IMO to buy another gun turret, maybe a smaller 20 mm calibre that will cause less issues with recoil. More than 6,000 Rh 202 guns have been used on combat vehicles, static mounts and naval vessels, but apparently it's still much cheaper to buy new HMP-400 gun pods. The HMP-250 RMP with 250 rounds machine gun ammunition + three 70 mm FZ rockets would probably have been a better choice, because one 70 mm FZ rocket should provide more punch than 50 rounds of 12.7 mm ammunition. (that's a weapon mount for the Wiesel, the Tiger would have the gun mounted below the center) The situation wouldn't be as bad, if the development of the LFK NG was continued. The LFK NG was meant to replace all vehicle mounted Stinger systems (i.e. the Stinger on Tiger and Wiesel), being based on the very capable IRIS-T missile (which is can be used in essentially any role). Unlike the Stinger, the LFK NG was capable of engaging ground targets, including armor vehicles (thanks to a penetrating warhead - probably a "small" shaped charge). So the UHT would have at least four missiles + MG pod + CFT, even though wasting a LFK NG for defeating terrorists with AK-47s sitting in a mud hut. But apparently the LFK NG was canceled, at least the manufacturers have deleted it from their websites, it was last mentioned in a press release in 2010. Meanwhile the industry is now pitching the French Mistral SAM as replacement for the Stinger... Australian, French and Spanish Tiger helicopters have no issues carrying rockets on the outer hardpoints, because somebody was clever enough to put cables there! Wow. To enable the UHT of carrying rocket pods on the outer hardpoints, the THOR (Tiger Helicopter Outer Rockets) program has been started; however it has been postponed to be part of the Tiger Mk. 2 upgrade, which will first happen after all German Tigers have been delivered (even though it already has been decided to reduce the number of Tigers several years ago; essentially we are buying outdated systems, that will immediately be upgraded, as well as surplus systems which will be sold or used for spare parts most likely). Great business... A Tiger Mk. 3 upgrade is also planned for the German aircrafts, it might include a laser illuminator for guided 70 mm FZ rockets/missiles, although it might be possible to use them at an earlier time. The only upside of the THOR upgrade might be the ability to carry the large rocket pod with 19 missiles at the outer hardpoints, at least FZ believes this might be possible. The German military procurement office is currently investigating the situation. The German Tiger variant could have been a clear contender to being the best attack helicopter in the world: The RMK 30 would offer advantages in accuracy and range (although trading some ammo capacity for it), the PARS 3 LR (Trigat) missile system is probably class-leading (159 mm diameter, tandem warhead, top-attack mode, thrust vectoring, salvo firing mode, pre-cooled thermal imagers, ability to engage helicopters), while the LFK NG would have been an advantage over all Mistral/Stinger (thanks to not being limited to a man-portable size) and over the Sidewinders (thanks to being based on the more capable IRIS-T family and also having ground attack capbility). Even the unguided rockets are top-notch (Germany is using the FZ 90 rocket with wrap-around fins made by the Belgian company Forges de Zeebrugge, which has a range of 9,100 metres compared to only ~5,000 m of the French 68 SNEB system from TDA Armaments - ironically both companies are nowadays owned by Thales). Interesting side note: The Wiesel suffers from the Tiger program. The Wiesel 2 Ozelot was meant to receive the LFK NG using a vertical launch system, while the Wiesel 1 MK was meant to receive the RMK 30. But that's another story, Wiesel upgrades and replacements are currently being developed.
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    SH members, being entirely male and thus unable to enjoy the breast-related benefits of citrus, actually grow a specialised organ over time due to exposure to internet radiation. This grapefruit organism serves to excrete the bitter, bitter bile we produce while arguing with whehraboos or about the correct way to slice fruit.
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    The thing is, the issue is settled. There is a broad consensus amongst climate scientists that, you know, returning all that carbon from the carboniferous era into the atmosphere is having an effect on our climate. And, as we don't have too many ways to plausibly stuff it back into the ground, most are now talking about mitigation and adaption rather than prevention. I'm an optimist, in that I think that it might be a good thing in the long term to have lots of CO2 around for photosynthesis (so long as we don't end up like Venus). But then I also like the idea of dragonflies the size of eagles.
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    lol. Still need to watch the whole thing, but I find it rather amusing that CNN and Sad Border Jumper are trying to play a DUI off as something as trivial as a parking ticket. Sad!
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    Even closer images of the NK OICW, judging from some of the design features it's clearly AK-74 based. (Type 85 or 88 in NK) Credits Akula_941. This likely rules out the Chinese QTS-11 (the True name of the ZH-05) as the "parent" of the NK OICW as the rifle portion of the QTS-11 is based on a cut down QBZ-03 memory serve me. It's also using a magazine fed launcher design which the QTS-11 program ditched pretty early in development because it proved to be too heavy and bulky.
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    Journalists are retarded, inbred magpies. They are attracted to things that are shiny, new, controversial, and that are easily misapprehended by their vestigial brains. If the US Army chromed all the artillery shells used in the Mosul offensive and wrote "DICKS FUCK PUSSIES" on them the journalists wouldn't be able to shut up about it for a week. It would have no practical significance whatsoever, but the Bloviating class would fellate each other for their chattering and award themselves Pultizers galore for their hard-hitting war coverage and Speaking the Truth to Power. Not that any of this is news. Everyone worth speaking to has known that journalists are sub-human for several decades. What is novel and interesting is that the Age of Trump has shown that in addition to being useless idiots, journalists are also very predictable useless idiots.
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    That's some pretty epic bullshit there Don, sorry. Hiitler gassing people in the camps might not be 'warfare' use, but it is definite chemical weapons use. Gassing thousands and thousands of people with pesticides and nerve agents is chemical weapons use in any sense of the word.
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    Gorsuch has been confirmed. Democratic scientists announce major breakthroughs in the field of life support technology for the elderly.
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    So, that was this strange-looking ballistic-capped HESH round which was presented at the 1976 British Army Equipment Exhibition.
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    God that's precious. Any bets that this guy probably couldn't climb a small hill unaided?
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    Here is an interesting discussion at F-16.net about the "J-turn," which is a maneuver the F-35 can apparently perform at low airspeeds and high angle of attack. Supplementary discussion of the maneuver is here. The way this works is that if the F-35 is flying relatively slowly with its nose high, a combination of the aerodynamic design of the F-35 and its flight control computer programming gives extreme yaw rates. And I do mean extreme; one of the pilots quotes a rate of 28 degrees per second, which is 40% faster than an F-16A in dogfight configuration can turn at corner velocity: (This chart is an E-M diagram. This article explains what these charts mean very well.)
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    BMP-3 production at Kurganmashzavod Part of BMP-3 hull bottom. More:
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