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    Colonization Of The Solar System

    Colonization Of The Solar System This thread is for discussing the colonization of the solar system, mainly focusing on Mars and the Moon since they are the most relevant. Main topics include transportation, industry, agriculture, economics, civil engineering, energy production and distribution, habitation, ethics and politics. First order of business, our glories tech messiah Elon Musk has set his eyes on Mars: Reason stated? Because being a interplanetary species beats being a single planetary species. How does he plan to do this? By sending two cargo ships by 2022 to Mars for surveying and building basic infrastructure, then two years later in 2024 sending 4 ships, two cargo ships and two crewed ships to start the colonization. First thing would be to build fuel refineries and expanding infrastructure to support more ships, then starting to mine and build industry. This could mark a new era in human history, a second colonization era, this time without the genocides. The economic potentials are incredible, a single asteroid could easily support the entire earths gold, silver and platinum production for a decade. The moon holds a lot of valuable Helium 3, which right now is worth 12 000 dollars per kilogram! Helium is a excellent material for nuclear reactors. Speaking about the moon, several companies have set their eyes on the moon, and for good reason. In my opinion, the moon has the possibility of becoming a mayor trade hub for the solar system. Why is this? Simply put, the earth has a few pesky things called gravity, atmosphere and environmentalists. This makes launching rockets off the moon much cheaper. The moon could even have a space elevator with current technology! If we consider Elon Musk's plan to travel to Mars, then the Moon should be able to supply cheaper fuel and spaceship parts to space, to then be sent to Mars. The Moon is also rich in minerals that have not sunk to the core yet, and also has a huge amount of rare earth metals, which demands are rapidly increasing. Simply put, the Moon would end up as a large exporter to both the earth and potentially Mars. Importing from earth would almost always be more expensive compared to a industrialized Moon. Now how would we go about colonizing the moon? Honestly, in concept it is quite simple.When considering locations, the South pole seems like the best candidate. This is because of it's constant sun spots, which could give 24 hour solar power to the colony and give constant sunlight to plants without huge power usage. The south pole also contain dark spots which contains large amount of frozen water, which would be used to sustain the agriculture and to make rocket fuel. It is true that the equator has the largest amounts of Helium 3 and the best location for rocket launches. However, with the lack of constant sunlight and frequent solar winds and meteor impacts, makes to unsuited for initial colonization. If the SpaceX's BFR successes, then it would be the main means of transporting materials to the moon until infrastructure is properly developed. Later a heavy lifter would replace it when transporting goods to and from the lunar surface, and specialized cargo ship for trans portion between the Moon, Earth and Mars. A space elevator would reduce prices further in the future. Most likely, a trade station would be set up in CIS lunar space and Earth orbit which would house large fuel tanks and be able to hold the cargo from cargo ships and heavy lifters. Sun ports would be designated depending on their amount of sunlight. Year around sunlight spots would be dedicated to solar panels and agriculture. Varying sun spots would be used for storage, landing pads and in general everything. Dark spots would be designated to mining to extract its valuable water. Power production would be inistially almost purely solar, with some back up and smoothing out generators. Later nuclear reactors would take over, but serve as a secondary backup energy source. The plan: If we can assume the BFR is a success, then we have roughly 150 ton of payload to work with per spaceship. The first spaceship would contain a satellite to survey colonization spot. Everything would be robotic at first. Several robots capable of building a LZ for future ships, mining of the lunar surface for making solar panels for energy production, then mining and refinement for fuel for future expeditions. The lunar colony would be based underground, room and pillar mining would be used to cheaply create room that is also shielded from radiation and surface hazards. Copying the mighty tech priest, a second ship would come with people and more equipment. With this more large scale mining and ore refinement would be started. Eventually beginning to manufacturing their own goods. Routinely BFRs would supply the colony with special equipment like electronics, special minerals and advanced equipment and food until the agricultural sector can support the colony. The colony would start to export Helium 3 and rocket fuel, as well as spacecraft parts and scientific materials. Eventually becoming self sustaining, it would stop importing food and equipment, manufacturing it all themselves to save costs. I am not the best in agriculture, so if some knowledge people could teach us here about closed loop farming, or some way of cultivating the lunar soil. Feel free to do so. Mining: I found a article here about the composition of the lunar soil and the use for it's main components: In short, the moon has large amounts of oxygen, silicon, aluminum, calcium, iron, magnesium and titanium in it's soil. How do we refine them? By doing this. Aluminum could be used for most kinds of wiring to requiring high conductivity to density ratio. Meaning power lines, building cables and such. Aluminum is not very suited for building structures on the surface because of the varying temperatures causing it to expand and contract. Iron or steel is better suited here. Aluminum could however be used in underground structures where temperatures are more stable. Aluminum would also most likely end up as the main lunar rocket fuel. Yes, aluminum as rocket fuel. Just look at things like ALICE, or Aluminum-oxygen. Aluminum-oxygen would probably win out since ALICE uses water, which would be prioritized for the BFRs, since I am pretty sure they are not multi-fuel. More on aluminum rocket fuel here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/88130-aluminum-as-rocket-fuel/& http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/realdesigns2.php#umlunar https://blogs.nasa.gov/Rocketology/2016/04/15/weve-got-rocket-chemistry-part-1/ https://blogs.nasa.gov/Rocketology/2016/04/21/weve-got-rocket-chemistry-part-2/ Believe it or not, but calcium is actually a excellent conductor, about 12% better than copper. So why do we not use it on earth? Because it has a tendency to spontaneously combust in the atmosphere. In a vacuum however, this does not pose a problem. I does however need to be coated in a material so it does not deteriorate. This makes it suited for "outdoor" products and compact electrical systems like electric motors. Yes, a calcium electric motor. Lastly, a few articles about colonizing the moon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonization_of_the_Moon https://www.sciencealert.com/nasa-scientists-say-we-could-colonise-the-moon-by-2022-for-just-10-billion https://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/topnav/materials/listbytype/HEP_Lunar.html NASA article about production of solar panels on the moon: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20050110155.pdf Map over the south pole: http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/images/gigapan Feel free to spam the thread with news regarding colonization.
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    General AFV Thread

    I didn't say anything about penetration either. See? That's what I said. I never claimed that HESH is impotent because it cannot penetrate. I am saying HESH is impotent because it's impotent. But do you know what's funny? We had this exact same argument two years ago, and you argued in the same cringing, cowardly manner you are now. Also, you said some hilariously insane shit, like claiming that gun-launched HESH rounds are "30+ kg." Bitch, an entire M830 MPAT round is under 30 kg! RDX has a density of under 2 gm/cm^3. A 120mm wide 30 kilogram cylinder of RDX would be 1.3 meters long, or about 30% longer than an entire round of M829. Do you know what I love though? That you can maintain this attitude of haughty superiority when you say things that are so easy to show are wrong. You must slay with chicks. I can just imagine you walking up to a woman at a bar and spitting a line of bullshit about being a space shuttle door gunner in the dinosaur wars while there's visibly diarrhea leaking down your leg. How do you manage it? What is your secret, great master?
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    CV-90, why so much love ?

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    Syrian conflict.

    @Collimatrix, @Bronezhilet, @Priory_of_Sion, @Scolopax Simple graphics of democrat groups in Syria FSA Southern FSA Akhrar ASh-Sham Hayat Takhrir Al-Sham others
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    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    This is the Sukhoi T-12, a proposed SU-25 replacement. Yes, it really was supposed to have two side-by-side cockpits like that. The chaos of the collapse of the USSR, and attendant shortages of LSD, prevented this project from ever being completed.
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    Indian Sherman V with a Soviet 76 mm gun
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    General AFV Thread

    Olifant Optimal prototype thx to Kaiserbill from secretprojects........
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    Thoughtful people who might develop worthwhile opinions on this are waiting until the facts are in. There's still very little hard information. So far, I've seen attempts to reconstruct a timeline based on recorded police chatter (it looks like the police made it into the room slightly less than an hour after the first dispatch, but that's based on spliced-together audio files and not 100% solid yet), and google maps reconstructions of the scene (this guy was shooting from very far away by active shooter standards). People who are commenting with conviction now have verbal incontinence. And like I said, anyone trying to score points right now is a jackass. "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." The facts will come in, in ones and twos, until a reasonably coherent and clear picture emerges. By then, anyone who latched onto this as proof of whatever before all the bodies had even been cleaned up will be bloviating on some other event du jour and will have largely forgotten this. Good, I say, that way the adults won't have to speak above them. I'll try to post anything factual that I find as it emerges. If anyone wants to do a study on media awfulness, now is probably a good time to archive.is the most ridiculous, speculative, and tasteless nonsense you see for comparison later down the line. Right now, all I have to say is thank God for police militarization.
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    Well, we know one thing, if this guy had even thought about voting for Trump it would be the only goddamn thing on the news.
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    You know if we had the military strongarm the Puerto Rican government, that would make things a lot easier. It would also make the US a dictatorship, which I'm not necessarily opposed to, but... And for the record, here are Trumps twits: Pretty clear he's saying the Puerto Rican leadership is fucked, and not talking about the people living there.
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    People want to watch football, not have politics shoved down their throats. The advice that I've gotten for business is to remain as apolitical as possible. Even in the firearms industry, you really need to keep it in check. Not everyone is going to think what you think, and if you aren't a political commentator, people probably aren't coming to you for political commentary.
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    @Collimatrix, @Bronezhilet, @Priory_of_Sion, @Sturgeon @Scolopax
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    These are the latest Sherman drawings I've cleaned up. I'm working on the rest of the fuel system drawings, and will add a page dedicated to the M4s fuel system, starting with the M4A3. The Cupola drawing is the start of the drawings for the new upcoming turret page. I also have a ton of Corsair photos here. http://www.theshermantank.com/downloads-page-the-place-for-things-to-big-to-post-like-manuals/airplane-stuff/f4u-corsair-page-the-bent-wing-bird/ and a bunch of ship photos here, http://www.theshermantank.com/downloads-page-the-place-for-things-to-big-to-post-like-manuals/airplane-stuff/f4u-corsair-page-the-bent-wing-bird/ Simply because I like ships and planes...
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    Seventy years ago today a bronco-busting, hell-raising country boy with some busted ribs thought maybe his mach-meter was malfunctioning:
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    More consensus on Planet Nine; https://www.livescience.com/60664-planet-nine-is-out-there.html
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    Ocean moons besides Europa: Dione, Ganymede, and Triton?
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    Just watched Bladerunner 2049. It is essentially a slow-paced atmospheric noire-cyberpunk detective that is focused on small amount of characters, rather simple almost straight-forward plot, sparce dialogues and rare action scenes happening in incredible sci-fi universe of futuristic mega-cities and forgotten deadlands. Bladerunner 2049 is true sequel to original Bladerunner - what some people liked in first is presented and better in new film, but it will not win hearts of those who found original as boring. Visuals are amazing, with very well made and used cgi and practical effects. Sets design is visually interesting and memorable, it have different environments, different styles from near-abstract rooms of corporation that is making Replicants to dirty trash-filled areas outside of the city. Music is superb and fit atmosphere really well. Sound work was very good outside of one specific place when it started to early during transition from quite scene to another, but loud one. The soundtrack is almost completely ambience and enhance overal experience by a big margin. Actors were very good, but I can't say for English version. And yes, @Collimatrix, it does matter. For example English version of Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra was not even nearly as funny as Russian, because Russian translators took liberties that made this comedy exceptionally good with some jokes becoming so good that I still remember them. Didn't noticed any weak performances, I liked main umm.... villain, although movie would have been better if he was made less movie-evil and his "I am weirdly-smart" side was explored more. This film have some subtle humour in it, which helped to awoid fatigue from "heavy" scenes. The plot is not too vague, which decreases "rewatchability", but still not 100% clearly stated, so you still have some sort of free mental space. Main way to watch Bladerunner 2049 is to be ready for slow journey into incredible cinematic universe of cyberpunk-ish sci-fi, enjoy atmosphere, visuals and follow main hero in his discovery of things that happened between time of original and current films. This movie was splendid, I would say it is easily in "9/10" category for it's high level of escapism potential. It is not a masterpiece as some reviewers are claiming, and not all people can enjoy it, but if it will click, it will be excellent 2h40m of your time. If you plan to watch it, don't go in big companies or with co-workers, go alone or with good friend/wife that saw first Bladerunner and liked it. Leave kids, grandpas and grandmas at home, they will get bored and fall asleep or will bother you by going to WC several times. And yes, don't drink much before movie and don't forget to go to WC before and wear most comfortable clothing, as your body should be silent the whole almost 3 hour long cinematic experience. After seeing it I had this good "aftertaste" which happened with me in recent year or 2 only after Babydriver and John Wick 2.
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    So, last night I learned about Swingfire. I had heard of it before, but had mentally filed it away as just another mid Cold War wire-guided ATGM. It turns out that the design had some unique capabilities that no other wire-guided missile shared, and that quite a few missiles with more advanced guidance also lack. Capabilities like making a ninety degree turn immediately after being fired: This article has more. The abrupt in-flight turn that the thrust vectoring allowed would open some interesting possibilities for IFV design. Instead of agonizing about how to armor the ATGM box, the ATGM launcher could simply be placed behind the turret, firing over it. It was also possible to remotely locate the tracking station and guidance by several meters. This would greatly improve infantry survivability when using ATGMs. An interesting approach would be to have a vertically-launched missile that turns towards the target by aerodynamic means. If the rocket motor firing could be kept brief enough to hide the entire burn of the rocket motor behind defilade, UV light from the rocket motor would not trigger MAWS and their attendant APS.
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    Meanwhile in the UK: Thought it might cheer the place up a bit.
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    Not to disrupt the gun control debate. I listened to the latest Clark County Sheriff/FBI presser on the shooter yesterday and some useful information came out. The biggest thing of note was just how quickly the Las Vegas police had guys up on the 32n'd floor. Within 12 minutes of the shooting beginning, they had two officers up there and they had 8 within basically a half hour. There have been a lot of irresponsible armchair commandos online and on talk radio blathering about why it took so long to neutralize the shooter. It seems they had cops there ready to bust in if he continued shooting but since the shooter stopped, they went the slow and steady route at that point. Also, they need to give that hotel security guard a raise. He was there a minute or so earlier than the cops and got shot in the leg for his efforts. Also, he had 200 rounds fired at him and the guy still had the nerves to communicate with police and assist in room clearing. While wounded... The Sheriff seemed to quash the notion that there was a suicide note as pointed out by folks looking at the leaked photos. I suppose the note that people were seeing could have been an advertisement or some piece of random paper. Also this dude had basically built a car bomb out of Tannerite which all he'd have needed to do was shoot it in order to do massive damage. *Working from memory* But it seems he bought the preponderance of the weapons used in October of 2016, the month before the Trump vs. Hillary election. (Is this a motive???) And the motherfucker intended to survive the attack. ... ... ... Again, this case is definitely an outlier in terms of mass shootings.
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    You haven't heard whining yet. The dems want to ban "bump fire stocks", I say counter that legislation with the repeal of the Hughes amendment! Or at the very least tack it onto their bill. "Yeah, we will ban bump fire stocks, but only after we get rid of the reason why they exist in the first place!" I would love to listen to the butt hurt from that one.
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    General AFV Thread

    and a light/medium tank based on the Kaplan(not amphibious?! they didn´t want it to be??!that´s what a FNSS representive told me at IDEF ´17)
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    The late M1 prototypes (not the old XM1) were capable of mounting the AGT-1500 gas turbine and AVCR-1360 diesel, until they eventually settled for the former. ^--- The two tanks on the right showcase the different engine compartment covers. There was even an attempt to create a transversely-mounted AGT-1500, called the AGT-1500 TMEPS, to free some space in the engine compartment. The M1A1 CATTB was supposed to mark a return to Diesel with the XAP-1000 engine. You can see it on this picture of the CATTB, which lacks the turbine exhaust grille. And this document here: http://www.dtic.mil/get-tr-doc/pdf?AD=ADA267740 alleges that the AIPS diesel engine (the XAP-1000 or the LV/100 by GE/Textron-Lycoming) was successfully integrated into the CATTB in FY1992 (cf p.262 in PDF reader), so it must've at least gone past the paper or mockup stage. However, the Thumper, a CATTB variant lacking its predecessor's turret appliques and tassel-type heat-concealing side skirts, reverted back to the AGT, as seen in this footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lqW94Gmug8&t=96 As you can see, the exhaust grille is the regular one found on AGT-1500-equipped models. The Germans did some work adapting the MTU 12V880 (a MTU 12V883?) on the M1A2 SEP, but IIRC they had to give up some of the torsion bars to accomodate this diesel engine. Can't remember exactly. Right now USAR is codeveloping with Achates Power a new opposed-piston, two-stroke Diesel engine for a certain range of vehicles, which includes the Abrams (there is a 1,500HP variant of the said engine). http://www.calstart.org/Libraries/HTUF_2016/6_-_Major_-_Achates.sflb.ashx
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    This M4A1 Sherman tank that I saw in Nokesville this past weekend is the oldest running Sherman tank in the world. I got to see it drive around and fire some blanks. Pretty cool.
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    Don't look our ethnic cleansing of the Shia, war crimes in Yemen, mass executions of political dissidents, and funding of jihadism around the world, instead look at how we've become slightly less misogynist!
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    Don't have any pictures unfortunately but I was reading a French document ( http://1951.polytechnique.org/URL/Launet_DCA.pdf) on anti-aircraft warfare and it reported that the French had a project to put a twin 90mm anti-aircraft gun on an AMX 13 chassis. Man the French loved that tank, its amazing all of the shit they tried to cram onto it. Ce matériel bitube de 90 mm résultait d’une évolution entreprise dès 1948 et qui devait aboutir à la définition d’un équipement en 1951. En effet la DEFA avait demandé à la Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot (SFAC), du groupe Schneider, par lettre du 17 septembre 1948 (44 94 ST/ART), d’établir un avant projet de «matériel de 90 mm DCA bitube sur affût automoteur à chenille», et dont la masse ne devait pas excéder 15 tonnes (9 ). La SFAC établissait alors un projet utilisant un châssis du char AMX 13 (10), mais ne parvenait pas à satisfaire toutes les spécifications. This twin 90mm gun resulted from a project undertaken in 1948 and which had an intended completion date in 1951. DEFA had asked the Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot (SFAC), of the Schneider Group, by a letter on September 17 1948, to establish a pilot project of a "twin 90mm anti-aircraft material on a tracked self-propelled mount", and that the mass must not exceed 15 tons. SFAC thus established a project utilizing the chassis of the AMX 13 tank, but this did not manage to satisfy all of the specifications. "Did not seem to satisfy all of the specifications" Hmm, however could that have been. Bonus: Finalement on renonça au début des années 60à l’un et l’autre de ces matériels, trop lourds et trop complexes. Certains les qualifièrent de «délire d’ingénieurs». Finally one renounced both of these equipments at the beginning of the 1960s, being too heavy and too complicated. Some people qualified them the "delirium of engineers".
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    Forum Improvements and Changelog

    Added much needed laugh reactomote, and changed the name of tank 'mote.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    How to get fucken angry polish PT-91 manufactory and other T-72 lovers. Polish army hard data about MTBF for polish 30 old yers Leopard 2A4 and 20-25 old yers PT-91: EDIT: data above are from ALL 128 polish Leopard 2A4 and for 144 PT-91 tanks (68% PT-91 fleet in army) during 2,5 yers exploatation Yes, T-72 is crap. yes, PT-91 is crap too
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    General AFV Thread

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    Iraqi Humvee with Gunner "house" and ATGM Technical
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    Happy (belated) 60th Anniversary of Sputnik everyone!
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    I don't believe so. Functional human beings can tell the difference between reality and fantasy pretty well. Those who can't are usually caught early, and if they are violent they usually have those tendencies with or without violent fantasy inputs like video games. If anything, our pop-culture has gotten less gory. Go compare PG-13 rated films from the 1980s to those of today. The biggest difference? GORE! The Saw movies shocked audiences across the US. Which is cute, considering some of the special effects of Tom Savini. Desensitized? I don't know. I think it might be a reflection of 24 hour news channels to find more and more shocking stories to fill the air-time and out-do one another. I'd say the 24-hour news channels (NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, etc) have done more to desensitize than violent video games could have ever done.
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    Not for taking them down. Not sure it was ever smart to put them up. Also, apparently scumbag was a multimillionaire: https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/vegas-shooter-200-reports-suspicious-activities-large-financial/story%3Fid=50258986
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    Fuck you Clinton:
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    So I did this one tonight. And I fixed the not exactly white background around this one....
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    A scumbag so bad even Canada won't take her? They took in that little terrorist fuck who who then sued and got millions..... but they won't take Manning, that some funny shit right there. Does anyone else miss the days people were hung or shot for treason?
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    Make your own Jihad, with Trump-Ash-Sham-ter Posted similar vehicles photos in this thread, IIRC, or in Syrian war topic.
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