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  2. Apperently this UAZ Jihad technical is marketed to law enforcements as well, lol.
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  4. At this point, if Trump started acting within the rules of conventional decorum and taste, I would actually be very afraid.
  5. Hey loooser, Can you find some SVD-S photos? Or really any SVD photos but I’m interested in seeing the folding stock version in actual use.
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  7. The Hungarians also purchased some turkish vehicles (how many i don´t know?)
  8. Militants with Turkish flags on their gear, kek.
  9. Heh, our breed of cultural enrichers are trying to do that on montly basis! Although in case of Eastern worshipping Russia, evil Russians in bodyarmor and guns drive to homes of those cultural ambassadors and fold buildings on top of their heads, so many of those "mass cultural enrichments" do not happen. Imagine if such things were done by law enforcements in Sri Lanka before a series of explosive rapid mass cultural enrichments! How terrible!
  10. Hi, Early Pumas had the Horstman type suspension but upgrades introduced to the vehicle, included the helical spring style suspension of the Merkava type. cheers Marsh
  11. It "culturally enriched" 13 people, jeez get it right!
  12. It looks like the suspension has been changed to independently-sprung road wheels with external coil springs.
  13. I just noticed something: You know how one of the identifying features of the T-64 is that, against all logic and safety considerations for the driver, the IR lamp is on the left? Look at this Object 435. They clearly moved the lamp later on in the design process!
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