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29 minutes ago, roguetechie said:

For some reason i always wanted to think of them as roughly apache size, but they are in fact much larger aren't they?


The Havoc and the Apache are actually roughly the same size (the Apache has a larger looking canopy, which makes it look proportionately smaller). However, the Havoc has much more powerful engines and is much heavier. The reason for this is that the Havoc has metric motherfucking shitloads of heavy armor incorporated into its structure.



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Yeah the engines specifically is what I'm keying on, specifically the fact that if he laid down in the trough you could probably close the engine cover with the mechanic inside!


They're forking massive honking power plants!


I think back to apaches which I've been fortunate enough to live around apache units my whole life, and even with the sophisticated IR shrouding or whatever there's still very telling differences.

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   As reported on the official page on twitter.com by President Mali, on October 3, 2017, President Mali Ibrahim Bubakar Keita visited the 101st airbase of the Mali Air Force in the capital airport of Bamako, where he got acquainted with new aviation equipment that had recently entered service. The central part of the demonstration was the two Mi-35M combat helicopters of the new construction of Rostvertol (Malian registration TZ-13H and TZ-14H) delivered from Russia.










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