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StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)


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Naturally, can't put any of that inferior communist nickel into my KRUPPSTAHL


Edit: what's a C&C machine and how is it similar to a CNC machine?


Well it's clearly a command and conquer machine, meaning he's actually secretly wanting to use this money to build Mammoth tanks with!



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Need winter camo? Don't have paint? Boy have I got the solution for you.




SARGE! I think I see a German Tiger column in that field!!!


Easy rookie. You've just got a case of the nerves. That's a harmless stack of newspapers. When you've been in the war as long as I have, you've seen all the tricks...

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Well there is a handy dandy means of determining which is the case, that being that words have meanings, and rhinocerous and nashorn refer to the same animal. Other than that it's tall boxy and grey which is the height of pretension, especially when it doesn't have the armor to be a box tank.


Tall is usually not a synonym for squat though, which is why I doubt it is talking about the Nashorn. 


Narrower and taller than an ISU. The Jagdtiger is closer in height to it than an Elefant.


We are getting lost with the tall vs squat argument.


It is pretentious looking. We need a scale for determining what is a pretentious looking tank.


Sorry, but I didn't read any further before replying ... most of you already know that I often do that ...


Based on the info in the newspaper article, the Russians may not yet have destroyed or captured a Nashorn, but rather may have observed it from a distance as it shot at them from a hull-down poz ...

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