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StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)


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So I suppose we should give some credit to the Leopard 2.  In the recent Strong Europe Tank Challenge competition, three of the six competing countries were equipped with Leopard 2 tanks.  These three countries came in first, second and third.  


First prize: Germany (Leopard 2A6)

Second prize: Denmark (Leopard 2A5)

Third prize: Poland (Leopard 2A5)


Other competitors:


USA (M1A2)

Italy (Ariete)

Slovenia (M-84)

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I've seen a few with the remote control MG, but a 20mm is new to me.  On any German tank, really.

According to the facebook page for The Armor Journal (not to be confused with ARMOR, the official magazine of the armor branch):


A very unusual Sturmgeschuetz-IV equipped with a box-mantlet and, as it seems, a "Turmkranzlafette" with a 20mm KwK instead of the MG. This vehicle was one of 2 modified by the Luftwaffe and used by the 1353. StuG.Abteilung of the 353. Infanteriedivision and was ko´d by the US 78. ID on April 8th 1945 near Waldbrol, Germany. The pic was taken in summer 1946 by its former Driver, Hans-Joachim Schulz.

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