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StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)


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That seems like a shit design that would be both weak and lose you ground clearance


I agree with Toxn; it looks typical of 1930s design practices.  It wouldn't really lose ground clearance, since there's a track running underneath all your road wheels.  Attaching the springing medium to the moving side of the swing arm is generally a bad idea for suspension performance though, since it increases unsprung mass.


Porsche did this too, except with longitudinal torsion bars:





Oh, I was mostly paying attention to the drive sprocket area.

I guess you've made your point, then.


The big round thingie housings nearest the camera, on the opposite side of the tank from where Ike is?  Those are idler wheel housings.  Ike is standing at the front of the tank and walking to the rear.


Oh, and the other giveaway that it's a tigger is that the road wheel swing arms are going opposite directions.

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Were they planning on moving the recoil cylinders around?  It looks like they would clonk into the rangefinder if the gun depresses more than a few degrees.


Good work, by the way.  Obviously, I didn't put much effort in mine.


Another thought; does anyone have a panther with a schmallturm in WOT or WT?  I'm curious how they model the mantlet when the gun elevates and depresses.


Also, I'm curious why the hitler panther was drawn without a muzzle brake.  IIRC, the pantherfibel says never to fire the gun without the brake, and that's with the 75mm.

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