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StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)


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Thickness of add-on plate on the turret front of the CV90. This is the plate that's to the left of the gun (to the right when looking at the front).

Which variant of the CV90 did you measure? Maybe the Swedish or the Dutch?


Leo 2:


Whatever this armour is called, the periscopes are the driver periscopes:

I think the main purpose of this strip is to contain or protect the mechanism for the new sliding hatch of the Leopard 2A5 and later models.


Frontal Leopard 1V turret add-on armour thickness

How did you measure this armor? Does this include or exclude the slope (i.e. is it nearly LOS thickness or plate thickness)?

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With a tape measure.

I mean at which angle? Did you try to measure the plate thickness of the add-on armor plate or did you try to measure the line of sight thickness (i.e. use the tape measure parallel to the gun?

I'd like to know if the ~45 mm frontal spaced armor plating on the front of the Leopard 1V is actually ~45 mm thick when hit from the front, or if it's thickness is 45 mm multiplied by a slope modifier.

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So the Leopard 1A1A1's (Leopard 1V's) frontal turret armor is 130 mm cast steel + lots of empty steel + 90-110 mm perforated high-hardness steel plates with rubber coating. That should rival the effective armor protection of the M60A1 and T-62. Sure, the armor arrived a lot later, but it's still something.

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The best German fighting vehicle.



What was that?


No. The Panther was a pile of shit. What makes this "One of the Best" is that it was captured by the Americans in order to be put to future use to help the war effort either as target practice or vehicle recognition training for American tankers and GIs. Only then will this Kraut monstrosity begin to earn its keep and wash off the ignominy of Fascism.


And it was captured relatively intact since Kraut tankers and their support elements were such shit-for-brain soldiers that they couldn't be bothered with permanently disabling and blowing up their equipment before it fell into Allied hands.




Question though.


At the 2:19 mark, a pair of GIs are investigating in a posed shot for the movie camera the interior of the Panther where they yank and toss out a shattered shell casing since the Panther has - presumably - had its ammo rack penetrated.


One projectile they look at and set down right away but the two are intent upon examining the second projectile. I fully admit that I'm not enough of a gear guy to know what WW2 ordinance looks like at a glance but is the second projectile an American/Allied round that penetrated the Panther? If so, which one?

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It's unfired, you can't see any rifling marks on the driving bands.


My guess, the ammo rack got hit and some of the rounds started burning.  A burning round behaves different than one that's actually strapped into a cannon; the projo would have popped loose once the propellant started burning, but wouldn't have had the oomph to go zinging through the tank.


Somehow, only very few of the rounds stored caught on fire, otherwise the tank would have been in way worse shape than that.

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That's my guess.  The thing I can't account for is the chewed up casing they pull out of their first.  Looks way too small to be gun food for a KwK 42, which had stonking gigantic ammo.


Yeah. I was wondering about that casing but assumed it got cut in half or scrunched or something.

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