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Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV


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On 3/3/2020 at 9:27 PM, DIADES said:

Very interesting where the video ends.....    Just at the easy part of the 60% slope.  Does not show the hard part - turn off engine, wait, restart engine, drive up remaining slope.

Yep. Watched a 6x6 MRAP do that on a 100% (45 degree) slope at Gerotek back in the day. 

Latest issue of DTR is out, some L400 stuff in it. 

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32 minutes ago, DIADES said:

LOL.  They always get graphic designers to do these faux DPP schemes and they are always laughably lazy.  If they spent a little time with a thing called the internet, they could easily see what an Australian DPP looks like.


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14 minutes ago, DIADES said:

So how long before we see a delay for Phase 3 announced?  Both South Korea and Germany struggling with COVID-19 and Australia is just ramping into the problem too.  Delay will need to be 12 months due to scheduling against the wet season etc.

I’d expect competitors to move shipment of the RMA vehicles to Australia left, not right. 

Economic side effects/risks to the program will be more of a factor, imo. Between bushfires & a pandemic, selling an IFV to the Australian public atm is a tough ask. 

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4 hours ago, 2805662 said:

move shipment of the RMA vehicles

probably impossible - both contenders are developmental and the RMA vehicles are in build.  Plus things like lethality trials and driver training are scheduled to happen in the source countries.


as to wisdom and perception....  well about now is a good time for Russia to kick off a European war

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