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Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV


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Aforementioned video:



I've made some 50 screenshots, all uploaded to twitter






- all could be seen on one page there:


(Though this website used downscaled 1200pix version of those 1920x1080 screenshots,

so in case one wants 1920pix images, it's easier to download them by opening my posts directly at Twitter. Or one could manually add ":large" after ".png"/".jpg" to every image link)


And there is another video, released 12 hours later:


and some 20 screenshots were also posted on Twitter, starting from this tweet:










Another video, unfortunately w/ Korean hardsubs:

dozen of screenshots were posted there:









Half a dozen screenshots from Arirang video were posted there:







Two more interior pics from elsewhere:




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22 hours ago, 2805662 said:

AS21 Redback

Seriously?  The exhaust just points straight out the right forward of the hull?  I mean, yes, that is exactly what it does but in this day and age?  No way that will meet the detection requirements as shown.  Cannot be the intent.

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14 hours ago, Serge said:

It’s not a bad idea.

Yes, except - L400 Ph3 has Requirements around thermal detectability.   Detect at certain range, identify at certain range.  Having a hot plume sticking out of the front corner is pretty certain to mean cannot comply.  In comparison, LYNX runs exhaust to rear and mixes with radiator efflux.

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That exhaust could, should be fatal for their chance of winning land 400 phase 3.


However there are ways to ameliorate it, for instance puma has its exhaust in same spot, and they pre cool the exhaust.  T-15 also have their exhaust in the same spot, but covered by some type of angled reactive armour.


Even an old school diesel's wet scrubber will reduce temperature from 300 Celsius down to 60 Celcius. 


So lots of options, but something needs to be demonstrated by Hanwha, or else...

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1 hour ago, DIADES said:

CGI or splice bullshit.  No cameras on turret so....  Real able to see thru the steel turret tech or, pure CGI

EOS - Electro Optic Systems


Both the hull and turret are loaded with sensors, its just a question of how well they talk to each other.

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24 minutes ago, VPZ said:

LOL, there are cameras on the chassis

yes there are.  They are drivers cameras that have the FoV a driver needs.  There are no cameras on the turret, no flank cameras anywhere.  So, not Iron Vision which uses stitched together camera images to mimic seeing through the hull and turret.  The video tries to show the turret moving with the operators head movements.  But he can't see anything cos - no situational awareness cameras.  So, PR puffery.


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