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Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV


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2 hours ago, 2805662 said:

They’re civilians now - there’s almost 100 years of combined mechanised infantry or cavalry experience in that pic. Don’t know about the Korean chaos, though. 


Now that it’s public public domain, they’re sitting on the same seats I was sitting in 24 hours earlier. 


I'm just saying gear, weapons and all kinds of shit makes people bulky. It might be spacious either way though.

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1) bridge picture, PNG

2) ammo picture, choice of guns will affect logistics, both are NATO but the linking is incompatible between Rheinmetall and Bushmaster (everyone else?)  Australia already locked into 30mm Rheinmetall

3) turret elevation, the steeper the better for UAV defense

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note that the outer plate along the hull lower edga seems to be folded (not welded) to a chamfer made by twin 45degree bends,  presumably further shaping is also used with the suspension (its inevitable as in-arm suspension  must have its own shape and volume anyway)


which make it not obvious which has less blast shock transmitted to occupants,  lynx should be heavier and mass is important f=m.a,  but redback has some blast deflection which also affect f=m.a  in both cases acceleration (due to blast) is reduced.

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On 9/14/2020 at 2:15 PM, Kal said:


Yes, this is one of the GDELS favourite arguments in our IFV tender however they somehow forgot that the old BMP-2 to be replaced have 75° gun elevation and that therefore this argument sounds a bit funny. 

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