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Ukrainian Civil War Thread: All Quiet on the Sturgeon Front


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Do you know anything about that conflict? It is better to move this discussion to this topic:



I didn't really believe the whole "Ukraine are neo nazis!!!" thing and dismissed it as propaganda, specially when there's stuff like this in Russia.

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No accurate number exist, because of convoluted organisation of ATO forces. Right Sector, Azov, Donbas, Aidar, and many lesser units. Kiev also created units made out of criminals - Tornado/Shakhtarsk is well-known example.


OK. What about the pro Russian side? Do they also have Neo Nazis?

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Many units are filled with criminals, like Donbas. Some are far right like Right Sector, Azov and Aidar. They all care less about Ukraine and more about fighting just for the sake of fighting (and making rich people richer). 


Azov battalion is using blatant symbols.  The black sun symbol sort of resembles Merovingian brooches but more closely resembles symbols from Wewelsburg castle mosaics and is tied to German mysticism and Nazi esoteric nonsense. The wolfsangle  they are using isn't  part of the runic futhark although it has been around for a long time and is still used in German heraldry.

Although in both cases Azov is using them to represent their Nazi symbolism.  

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Can we get a rough translation of what is going on. Not all of us read Russian. :P

I thought that the pictures would be sufficient.

Some Ukrainian drone pilots on a training mission decided to have a bit of a laugh and simulate an attack on that surly looking woman. Unfortunately for them, the drone was out of fuel and they had to set it down in a field, where said woman caught up to it and beat the shit out of it. The drone is not salvageable.

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Well now, they claim that this IFV is the best thing ever and can survive every single ATGM in existence.








Zvarych invited us inside the workshop, where a small team of student welders, engineers, and guys who worked here back when the factory made tractors, are finishing off their latest creation, “Azovette.”

Zvarych walks us around the metal beast, pointing out the layers of armor, each 7cm thick and lined with explosives intended to disperse the impact of any strike. Most projectiles capable of penetrating the 7cm of armor will be shaped-charged missiles, consisting of a hollow cone that lays concave to the tip of the projectile and is backed by explosives.

“Usually a tank has 10 or 20cm of armor (in the front) but we put in 1.4m. This tank can take anything, even a big missile from a plane. It can take all the modern equipment of all the armies,” says Zvarych.

He says Azovette is the perfect tank and compares the 50 tonne 5-seater to Nazi Germany’s super-tank, Panzer VIII Maus, a fully enclosed, 188 tonne goliath of mythological proportions that never passed the prototype stage.

The tank will be fitted with two double barrelled 23mm caliber cannons that each fire around 3,400 round per minute plus a missile launcher with 8 missiles. Inside, the cabin has no viewing windows. Instead the crew rely on cameras on the front, back and sides of the tank and operate the turret and guns by joystick.
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Really is a great piece of tech, its like no one bothered to tell the Chinese when copying the TOW 2 that it has to have shitty range  B)


It's not a TOW 2 clone, it has a faster 2 staged engine and a double full sized charge in addition to the secondary charge to trigger ERA, along with the whole "not using a wire for guidance."

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