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Ukrainian Civil War Thread: All Quiet on the Sturgeon Front


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Lukashenko: "Yo guys, your civil war is leaking." http://ria.ru/world/20151011/1300167470.html#ixzz3oGfl8knX


"Don't send any more terrorists here. We are tired of stopping them at the border, with grenades, baseball bats, pistols, ammunition. I'm tired of reading the reports and looking at these photographs. Let's be friendly." 


According to Lukashenko, hundreds of Ukrainian citizens are being stopped at the border. They can't explain why they're headed to Belarus.

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"Home/household separatism"

“Household separatist (is one who):
- desecrate national symbols
-waiting for arrival of “Russian world”
Punishable by 7-12 years in prison (article 110 of Ukraine criminal code)
If you see or hear one – call SBU hot line
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