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So, major Land projects that are mechanised in nature and who’s interactions are affecting future procurement activities. 


LAND 106: upgrade of M113A1 FOV to M113AS4.

LAND 112: ASLAV. Mulitple phases (1-4). 

LAND 116: Infantry Mobility Vehicle, later Protected Mobility Vehicle. Multiple phases. 

LAND 400: Combined Arms Fighting System.

LAND 907: Replacement Main Battle Tank. Multiple phases, Phase 2 now concerned with Abrams upgrade. 



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Australian National Audit Office report into Land 121 Phase 4: Protected Mobility Vehicle Light (Hawkei)




Somehow we went from a Partner Nation in the Tech Dem phase of JLTV, complete with right-hand-drive prototypes being tested in Australia, to a “locally made” truck (Austrian engine, German transmission, US suspension, Israeli protected module, Israeli BMS, US radios - but locally made). 

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Rheinmetall and DST (Defence Science and Technology group of the Australian DoD) have signed a partnership treaty regarding autonomous systems.





Might leverage technology and concepts from the Boxer JODAA development and be an advantage for LAND 400 Phase 3, if Australia is also looking at optionally manned operations.



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