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Hey all! T___A  here,



You may, or may not be acquainted with me. In case you don't I mostly post in the Soviet Tank thread here in MW. I do read most of the content on the rest forum however. To be frank with you all: I have been disappointed with the quality of this forum. So has @Sturgeon. So our glorious leader in a fit of drunken anger has appointed me the Reich Plenipotentiary for the Administration of the Four Plan of the Final Solution of the shitpoasting question.



  • Dumbass slap fighting in the wrong thread will no longer be tolerated
  • Neither will anime avatars. This is a rule that not even OG Alter Kämpfers are exempt from. You know who you are and I will be sending a PM to you.
  • As always SH's most important rule applies: referte avt morimini


In video form:


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Just now, Andrei_bt said:

"hitfit you decided to throw"



This is a wise descision... 

And no I Did not  "decided to throw".... I just offered you to remove this provocations, also embarrassing things you allow to post.


You threatened to report me to the Internet Police via PM, don't play innocent lol.

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5 minutes ago, Andrei_bt said:

Internet Police )) 

oh no... 

Just plain law enfofcement, that just block such haters and provacators of violence as you.

And it is not Internet Police ((



Hey, buddy, fuck you and whatever police you think can help you. We're in Murcia, (fuck Yea), and we can say anything want, like Fuck you, Fuck the Queen and fuck your mom! :lol:

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