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16 hours ago, skylancer-3441 said:

I don't get what's the difference between my suggestion about backpacks stored outside, and real-life things like that:

(apart from lack of any ERA/NERA armor on this particular Bradley)


/...unfortunatelly that blue render is too small to see words written on those 8 things/

My bad. You were right considering the 3D view. 

Making such a drawing is strange because it makes it clear : this design is a no volume design. 


Hanging crew and section burden onto the armor is common, even if it’s not wise. The problem is coming from the platoon organisation.

Soldier have so much to carry, it’s impossible to pack everything into an IFV or even an APC.

The only solution is to have a dedicated truck per platoon like within the French tank troops (camion d’allègement). During the fight, the four trucks are regrouped under the logistic 2IC order. They are part of the squadron logistic support fleet (Train de Combat n°1). At rest, trucks are resupplying there troop with food, water... they give acces to the soldier’s burdens. 


Edit : does anyone knows the English for :

- Train de Combat ;

- camion d’allégement.

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AFAIK backpacks were shown outside of the vehicle on renders and scalemodels of notional designs of FCS and GCV ever since mid-2000s. And although sometimes they were shown with some sort of protective covers, sometimes they were not covered on those renders by anything.








"Stowage Side Covers (2x)"





Without too much digging I can remember one design which was shown with all backpacks inside the vehcle - and that was wheeled OPC CAMEL demonstrator

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IIRC the closest they got to that FARS concept is the XM2002 RSV vehicle meant to accompany the XM2001 Crusader:


^--- That outgrowth on the front of the XM2002 is an automated resupply boom.



The XM2002 could hoard up to 110 shells and resupply a XM2001 Crusader with 48 shells and fuel in less than 12 minutes, without the need for a crewmember to step out.

^--- Note the square access panel at the back of the XM2001's turret, which mates with the XM2002's resupply boom.

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24 minutes ago, Karamazov said:



Isn't that the CATTB? The turret has more vertical lines than a normal M1/M1A1. The second scan implies that the FARS, with its single-shell conveyor boom, can only service tanks that have a horizontal autoloader at the back of their turrets. If the M1A1s weren't retrofitted with an AL à la CATTB, then they'd probably have to sacrifice one ammo tube in the bustle ammo rack to mount a reinforced "shell funnel" leading to the crew space, where the loader can redistribute the incoming ammunition.


EDIT: all things considered, there is a hint of an exhaust grille at the back of the hull, so this should be the Thumper and not the original CATTB (which had an AIPS diesel rather than the AGT1500).

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