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Japan’s modern armoured vehicles


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7 hours ago, Serge said:

To start a Japanese dedicated new topic, a Finn history :

The 3 main competitors for the bid are the Mitsubishi MAV, LAV 6.0, and AMV XP. I've barely seen the LAV talked about at all so it seems like its the least likely to be picked. It still has a chance, but I don't see the AMV XP winning in this competition. The chosen APC would be replacing the Type 96 in infantry divisions, the ICV variant would be directly integrated into Japan's RDR which primarily use MCVs, and the RCV would go into the reconnaissance combat battalions of which all but 1 use the MCV.

With that being the case, the AMV XP is fighting a steep uphill battle competing against a MCV based hull with parts commonality to heavily integrate with units already using the MCV.



However it's still nice to see that Japan is opening up a bit to the international market and trying to stretch their limited budget.

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10 hours ago, Gauntlet said:

Did ARTEC  not try to enter the competition with the Boxer?

As posted by David, the boxer did some advertising at DSEI Japan 2019, but was eliminated from the running before the idea even made it off the ground due to the size and weight. The Type 16 MCV at 26t is basically the max limit of having free access to all Japanese infrastructure. Other candidates that didn't make it far and were dropped fairly early on include the Freccia, Stryker, Piranha, SuperAV, and South African RG41. These were all competing back when Komatsu was the primary JP bid. 

Basically everything from that initial program was scrapped. All competitors were basically eliminated. the LAV 6.0 wasn't even in the running then, the AMV in the first bid swapped to the AMV XP in the current program, and Mitsubishi took over Komatsu's spot.

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