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Syrian conflict.

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19 hours ago, roguetechie said:



I'm just going to leave it at thank you very much for so clearly and thoroughly demonstrating how spot on my issues with you are...


This is precisely the arrogance and etc I was referring to which is an all too common ingredient in your posts.


And for the record, I'm an American BITCH I can say whatever the fuck I please to you without needing an excuse or approval!


Feel free to fuck yourself with a chainsaw if you have a problem with this.


You don't get to dictate shit to me, and the sooner you realize that the sooner we'll get along.i give zero fucks about you or your voting habits etc.... 


Don't want me to call you out?


Simple, don't be a smarmy smug arrogant little fuck and I won't.

And what did I ever do to deserve such hostility?

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5 hours ago, Bronezhilet said:

You're an Israeli with an opinion. Of course that's haram.


That is far from the case and fuck you very much too... 


If you can get that from what I said, that says EVERYTHING about YOU.


I have a problem with the person not the ethnicity religion or etc, which I have made quite clear.


I hate assholes not JEWS ... 


I guess I have to be that fucking specific so I will be.


I'd think it would be clear by how I can be very strident about certain political stuff with other posters, but if they post something about the Gerlach periscope I will happily discuss that with them and upvote posts of theirs that I like on other parts of the forum.


It's my opinion which I reserve the right to have, and to change at any time should circumstances change. But I sure fucking won't let someone weasel out of having me say what I think because of some notional whatever that makes them somehow above reproach.


And I also won't sit still and let people back handedly imply that I'm calling someone out because of some concealed racism rather than because I think they're being a smarmy asshole.

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Iraqi PM claims that the border with Syria is secure:



I'm not sure what he means by this.  Much of the Iraqi border areas of Syria are still held by rebels.


Latest rumor is that the Tiger Forces are being re-deployed from Homs to the fight in the south along the Israeli/Jordanian border.

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Sat photo of T4 AB hangar after airstrike, several hangars at T4 were used by Irainians (Shahed-129 UAVs were spotted on sat photos there before Israeli airstrikes).



Photos from inside for comparison:






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Results of Rastan operation


Cool footage of how mine clearing system is used in urban combat by SAA. Probably another Golan system, based on infantry UR-82P and Ural truck. 


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Idlib - MoD map showing of observation posts of Turkey (12) on one side, Russia (10) and Iran (7) on the other, that overview ceasefire between Idlibostan militants and Syrians. 


Red - Russian, Yellow - Turkey.

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Israeli strike on Dabaa AB in Southern Syria, Quseir.


- The plane fired 2 missiles;
- Parts of the 72nd Air Defense Brigade reacted and shot down 1 missile, the second hit the warehouse;
- Hezbollah bases in Quseir were not attacked;
- The border crossing Jusia was not attacked;
- There is no information about the victims.


Coalition planes (as claimed) striked SAA in Syrian Badia on 23.05. 2 SAA soldiers killed:



- 1st Lieutenant Matar Ali Sallum from Mahrusa in Homs.
- 1st Lieutenant Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Afif of Zakhra in Homs.



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