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Part of the problem for me is that all of these games seem to be made under the assumption that the playerbase will all have a ping of under 100ms (with no sudden spikes) from any of the servers and that they have the wherewithall to download multi-gig updates for all of their installed games once every few weeks. It also seems to be an assumption that the average user has 10 hours a week to invest, sometimes per game, to remain competitive.


I think the last one has to do with mobile gaming. There seems to be a metric of "days per week/month logged in these days" that devs are pushing, probably under the direction of those responsible to shareholders. It was the problem with The Division until a pretty good fix a week or so ago. You could pretty much only get decent loot drops by doing daily missions. You had one chance per day basically, and then nothing. The only other way to get good high-level loot was from crafting, specifically using blueprints that you only got from being high Dark Zone level, which took at least twenty hours of just grinding NPCs in the DZ. They fixed that with better loot drops recently, but now they have their hands full with bigger problems.


I don't mind the "log in for rewards" thing. I just don't like the "log in for a chance to possibly earn rewards. But hey, if you don't get anything there's always tomorrow *WINK*.


Anyway, I've been playing R6: Siege again, and it's super good.

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   Looks like a generic console shooter game, almost. And little to no music. <_< DooM 3 had very good ambience sounds/music, this DooM is less impressive in this aspect. To the middle/end of video things become better.

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