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StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)


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7 hours ago, U-47 said:

And then I found this is from "Turkish SAS", what an "SAS"......

They made a photo of Sabra that was hit by ATGM fron the front, but the most interesting part of frontal turret area (place of missile impact) was obstructed by their f cking logo. :angry:

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16 hours ago, Met749 said:

Made by Wiedzmin from Otvaga for Leo 2A4, is it true?


No, it's not correct. The turrret is not a standard Leopard 2A4 turret, but a Leopard 2 turret in the process of being upgraded to a Leopard 2A5. That's why the steel plate behind the gunner's has been cut away already. 

The EMES-15 gunner's primary sight takes up much smaller volume than what is marked yellow, the center steel plates might have other functions related to the optic channel rather than being there to form an empty cavity; i.e. being the upper plate in this photo.



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4 hours ago, ZloyKrolik said:

Yep, changing one of the inner road wheels looks like a fun job.



Ten hours of fun according to a letter from a panzer training school.


I've wondered some times if the German propaganda ministry's focus on the tiger units represented a sort of sunk cost accounting.  We spend so much time and money getting these heavy tanks in the field they must be incredible!

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I was going to post this in another thread, but apparently it's real.







Two recoilless 75 mm guns outside of the turret, one 30 mm autocannon inside to sight the guns. The project was cancelled because (shockingly) the engineers could not figure out how to safely load the external guns.



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I don't see what's wrong with the concept. Most ATGM launchers on IFVs and other lightly armored vehicles also can't be reloaded safely in combat. Recoilless rifles have been pretty much only used in poorly armored vehicles or with a completely exposed crew. The overlapping armor on the recoilless 75 mm guns of the design seems to provide rather decent protection compared to other solutions...








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