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   The Turkish company "Otokar" donated armored wheeled vehicle "Arma" to the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan for military trials.


   As part of the monitoring of the world market of armored wheeled vehicles, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development organized a practical study by the specialists of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the combat capabilities of the Arma with an 8x8 wheel formula manufactured by the Turkish company Otokar.


   The vehicle has high mobility, maneuverability and a sufficient level of ballistic and mine protection that meets NATO standards. There is a possibility of overcoming water obstacles up to 1.8 meters deep and by swimming. The speed when afloat is up to 8 km / h. The design makes it possible to adapt the Arma platform for various conditions of use and to install modern combat modules with a caliber of weapons ranging from 7.62 mm to 105 mm.


   The following modifications of vehicles were proposed for testing: a fire support vehicle, a reconnaissance vehicle with the installation of equipment at the request of the customer, a command and staff vehicle, as well as engineering, medevac and amphibious options.


   Initial tests were carried out in March 2020 at a training ground in the Karaganda region during the day and at night on a 6 km route with overcoming typical obstacles, as well as snow cover with a depth of 30 to 65 cm.Fire tests were carried out by performing practical shooting day and night.

   The working group confirmed the compliance of the presented armored wheeled vehicle with the declared characteristics.


   In order to comprehensively study the tactical, technical, fire and operational capabilities of the armored wheeled vehicle, the Otokar company transfers it free of charge for experimental military operation in various climatic conditions of Kazakhstan, including testing for overcoming water obstacles.


   Also, the company "Otokar" expressed its readiness to assist in the installation of any combat module to the AFV that meets the requirements of customers.







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