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United States Military Vehicle General: Guns, G*vins, and Gas Turbines


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8 hours ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

Turret seems to already integrate every major aspect of what the US Army wanted from it (50mm gun, very high elevation, APS).

This turret was made by the US-Army. 

8 hours ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

The 35mm system the CV90 and Lynx could take is also compatible with the 50mm gun and ammo, but if they want to impress, they have to show it in real life, not just say they can do it.

The real difficulty is the US-Army seems to call for a « never seen before » elevation. 


Just to remind :

BAE’s got another turret available for the CV90 :


Of course, this is a 40CTA, but, maybe the US wanted 50mm can be integrated. 

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2 hours ago, Mighty_Zuk said:


How do you know the turret is made by the US Army? I try to read every message in this thread but I seem to have missed this.


The following video has the GDLS rep clearly stating that the turret is designed by GD (1:21 mark). The 50mm gun, OTOH, is being integrated with ARDEC's help (1:13 mark) and the 85° elevation capability is their answer to a request/requirement by USAR.



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And here :

The nearly 40 ton Griffin III features a remotely-operated turret the U.S. Army’s own Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) developed, which is armed with a 50mm cannon from Orbital ATK, now part of Northrop Grumman. This weapon is substantially larger than the 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


The Army has also developed the turret with modularity in mind, which could allow the service to install smaller guns in a portion of the fleet depending on the intended role. Not surprisingly, it can already accommodate the 30mm XM813 cannon found on the service’s up-gunned Stryker Dragoon wheeled armored vehicles.



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Mike Sparks argument #225: the all-purpose Gavin will keep your children safe and deliver them to school when school bus drivers are on strike and courting the devils of socialism. Stupid Abrams can't even do that. #back2gavin #whatwouldjesusdrive


Yes, I know it's a M59 and not a M113. Just let me fill my daily quota of cringey attempts at humor.

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That's a possibility, though that hulk is lacking the two "grooves" on the turret cheeks. Also, I don't think they ever put that M60 cupola on the AX's commander hatch.






Additionally, the back face of the turret on the hulk is canted, whereas the back of the AX' turret seems flat. If anything, the hulk's turret has more of an early M1 turret vibe (with the short storage boxes on the sides and a pedestal for the wind sensor on the back) than an AX... It could however be some intermediary step between the two, a precursor to the M60-2000.

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8 hours ago, Renegade334 said:

Credits owed to Damian90 on the AW forums. Since there is some uncertainty as to what this truly is, I haven't posted it in the vismods thread (yet).


it's posted by Jon Bernstein





Armor Modeling and Preservation Society Social Group on FB



Two similar, but ultimately different projects. The M60-2000 used a modified M60 turret, which I was inside when I took these photos as part of my job. The 120S mounted an M1A1 Abrams turret on an M60 hull. Similar concepts, different execution.

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No, most image queries will be polluted with well-known pictures of the 120S (many of those pics will be screenshots from Armored Warfare; the devs have erroneously used the 120S pics to model their premium "M60-2000"), the Super M60/M60AX, the Magach and/or the Sabra.


EDIT - an interesting detail: another AW forum member, Jarink, suggested the vehicle seen in the background here could possibly be a M1015 Electronic Warfare Shelter Center (based on the M548 chassis) due to the presence of a grounding rod on the front.





^--- M1015 with ELINT-gathering AN/MSQ-103 "TEAMPACK". Note the grounding rod at the front.



^--- M1015 with AN/MLQ-34 "TACJAM" communications jammer. Note the more modern grounding rod with square box, similar to the one in the first picture.

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