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   Stolen from otvaga. Patent pics for soft bag ERA on Budget Cuts 3M and for ERA modules on turret sides.








   Turret side ERA modules have interesting moment - ERA blocks spaced and arranged in such way that if horizontally-moving projectile hit edge of one ERA plate, it will encounter edge of another one. Only central parts of ERA are "alone" vs projectile. And if fired from noticeable elevation or at a downward angle, 2 or more ERA plates will be in the way.

   Hull side add-on ERA in soft bags doesn't have this arrangement. ERA plates have big spacers between them.

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Marker robot project continues - now FPI/NPO-AT works on coordinated group actions.


Video in the link


   MOSCOW, December 13. / TASS /. Specialists of the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FPI) are working on the coordinated in time and space of the autonomous movement of the group of robotic platforms "Marker". While moving along the route, robots must avoid obstacles themselves and interact with each other, the press service of the fund told TASS. 


   "The solution of the tasks set in the project will create the technologies necessary for the development of robotic platforms capable of independently planning and performing actions in an uncertain environment and functioning as part of a group in solving problems requiring group management and interaction," the FPI said.


   They clarified that at the moment they are working out the interaction of heterogeneous groups of robotic platforms "Marker" (on a wheeled and tracked chassis) when moving along a pre-programmed route. A group of robots must maneuver when meeting static and dynamic obstacles, as well as change the format of the formation, without deviating from the route assignment.


   The robotic platform "Marker" is a joint project of the National Center for the Development of Technologies and Basic Elements of Robotics FPI and NPO Android Technology (developer of the anthropomorphic robot "Fedor"). It is assumed that this combat robot will become the basis for working out the joint interaction of ground robots, unmanned aircraft and special forces. "Marker" is positioned as a constructor for creating models of warfare in the future.


   In December 2020, the Marker combat robot has successfully passed driving trials in a fully autonomous mode in winter conditions. In the fall of 2021, a security robot patrolled the Vostochny cosmodrome and worked in both radio-controlled and autonomous modes. 


Wheeled and tracked Marker versions:






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PRP-5 recon vehicle












It have:

  • Optical station with TV and thermal imager, laser rangefinder
  • Radar station for reconnaissance of ground moving targets with a phased antenna array emitting a continuous broadband low power signal. 6 km detection of a human, 15 km for a vehicle 
  • Mast device with automatic leveling for lifting optical and radar facilities to a height of up to 6 meters, while providing for the possibility of conducting reconnaissance in the optical range without deploying the mast; -15/+15° depression/elevation, 360° rotation.
  • A remote observation post, which includes the Strelets reconnaissance, control and communications complex, an all-day portable reconnaissance device, an aerial reconnaissance complex with short-range unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with video and thermal imaging cameras for surveillance in day and night conditions 
  • 12.7 mm HMG RCWS
  • Navigation system, an information and computing system that processes intelligence from all sources and includes the workplaces of the commander, operator, gunner-radio operator
  • Optoelectronic suppression system for warning of laser irradiation, protection against high-precision weapons by setting up aerosol smoke screens
  • a set of means of communication and data transmission, allowing you to work in an automated control system  


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 That article presumes to much. EFV being better protected because it's larger and weighs more is pretty funny since BMMP is supposed  to have a combat weight up to 35 tons   While EFV's was 36 if I recall correctly.   The difference in protection shouldn't be all that different.  especially if you take into account that EFV is a large vehicle. 




Not that it actually matters that picture above of BMMP (life size mockup probably ) was taken in 2017 and only now has washed ashore.  


It's mostly likely the project is dead or has changed form and perhaps requirement. 




Found it's booking



Protection against missiles and tank rounds  all around via Arena-M.   Then 30 mm caliber,  22 degrees arc  frontal protection.   with the sides being protected  against  12,7 mm B-32 round (API) and the rest from  7,62 mm caliber  B-32 (API) round   along with mine protection up to 6 kg.


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