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On 2/27/2022 at 12:48 AM, Volke said:

Seems the cages aren't that useless in the end, it detonated the top attack missile before it could reach the crew compartment and so only the fuel tank next to turret got ignited.

   There is no indication that this was top attack ATGM or other type of top attack AT weapon. K-5 detonated, damaged fuel tank (which is usual for det of those ERA modules over external fuel tank). Most likely this is just RPG-7 or other type of direct hit AT weapon, because K-5 was hit and most of NLAWs were trophied on DPR/LPR frontlines.

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25 minutes ago, Cheburashka said:

What are those 2 boxes on the frontal turret Kontakt-4 array? On the Kontak-5 plates nearest the Shtora IR dazzlers, on each side?t90wc.jpg


It's hard to believe they are regular storage boxes.


Those are boxes with some of electrical equipment for IR dazzlers.

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6 hours ago, Wiedzmin said:




NLAW, distacne too short for fuze to work maybe



not sure that it's in good working order



The NLAW is often cited to have a minimum fuse distance of 20 meters from launch, however watching the playback in slowed down also points to the projectile hitting the back of the turret or one of the storage boxes on the far, as seen here:






Even if the warhead did arm, which the exact range is unknown from just what is seen in the film, this means nothing if you don't actually hit the target in a meaningful capacity. 

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13 hours ago, mr.T said:

Even it it fused it wouldn't have done any real damage , just blew one of the bins hung on the turret. Shooter missed the target


The warhead is orientated at a 90° angle. It would have penetrated the vulnerable side armor.

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