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On 2/10/2021 at 2:27 PM, Beer said:

Because the T-34 discussion is very much off topic in the German thread I post here several norms valid for T-34-85 used by ČSLA (the tanks were somewhat different to Soviet ones in various technical modifications however the earlier ones used many original Soviet components from WW2 production). The source is a book: Hlavní takticko-technická data tankové a automobiní techniky ČSLA.


Basic check: during stops on march or combat or whenever needed

Basic service: 150-200 km

Technical service 1: 500-600 km

Technical service 2: 1000-1200 km

Medium repair: 3000 km

General repair: 6000 km


Unfortunately I don't know what exactly was subject of each service or repair but anyway it looks like basically nothing major was considered necessary before reaching 3000 km. 


Normative times for component change:

- engine 39,3 h

- gearbox 22,8 h

- main clutch 21,6 h

- steering clutch 23,6 h

- track - 2,6 h

- bogey wheel - 2,5 h

- first wheel arm - 4,4 h

- arms of other wheels - 3,2 h

- sprocket wheel - 3,3 h

- idler wheel - 3,7 h

- track tensioning - 4,8 h

- gun - 9,8 h

- turret - 5,9 h


Regarding the discussed about air filters there is only an information that Czechoslovak tanks used different filters BTI-3 with ejector cleaning. 


Are those man-hours or total hours for a given technical team and equipment?

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As for the lever force, per  CAMD RF 38-11355-2884 and CAMD RF 38-11355-2890 published by Peter Samsonov on tankarchives.ca the steering effort of T-34-85 is roughly equivalent to Sherman and Pershing (around 30 kg depending on the gear and /or steering radius). Panther requires much less steering force, that is true. 

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On 2/12/2021 at 11:58 AM, Beer said:

Four speed gearbox was replaced since 1943 T-34-76, i.e. any tank with the old gearbox was a worn-out machine, which was produced in a critical phase of the war and which spent at least two years in combat. It's normal that such tank is not as reliable as post-war newly built machines. 

I wouldnt be so sure about the 5 speed gearbox since 1943. The captured T-34/85 in korea still had the old 4 speed. This type of gearbox was still present in those tanks that we used in the '50s.

Also, I need to correct myself: Last time I wrote that we used mainly polish and soviet. Not entirely true. We had polish tanks, but only 10 of them. The rest were czech (about 100) and refurbished ww2 prod. soviet. The better made and more reliable applies to the czech. Probably the polish too, but since there were so few of them, I have no information. 

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   Tigr-NEXTER, verson of Tiger armored car modernised by French NEXTER company, 2012-2013.




   The joint Russian-French project "Tiger - NEXTER" was launched in January 2012 with the active participation of representatives of Russian and French state and commercial structures and was largely unique both for Russian-French relations on military-technical cooperation, and for similar projects in Russia overal. It provided for the integration of eight additional systems developed by the French company NEXTER on the armored vehicle SBM "Tiger" with the prospect of expanding the scale and perimeter of the project, possibly both horizontally - to various other carriers, and vertically - by attracting specialized Russian design bureaus and factories.

   For NEXTER the project was interesting, since it allowed expanding the base of application of French systems by localizing their production in Russia at joint ventures. Ultimately, all this would allow expanding sales markets and provide, in cooperation with French partners, additional dynamics of business development and products of LLC "VPK" and NEXTER Systems.














   In June 2013, the armored vehicle SBM VPK-233136 "Tiger" was delivered to Versailles to the NEXTER company, where the above systems were integrated into the vehicle. During their visit to the Le Burge exhibition, a number of heads of the RF Ministry of Defense, FSMTC and Rosoboronexport visited the headquarters of NEXTER in Versailles, where, together with representatives of the leadership of the French Ministry of Defense and the companies VPK and NEXTER, they could get acquainted with the Tiger - NEXTER machine "It was decided to provide a demonstration of a full Tiger-NEXTER with live fire at the RAE-2013 international exhibition in Nizhny Tagil and, with the interest of the Russian Defense Ministry, to conduct comprehensive assessment tests at Russian ranges.

   The rest of story is well known.

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1 hour ago, Beer said:

British and US evaluation of KV by Peter Samsonov.


I like how the British had the audacity to criticize the KV when most of their tanks could have been replaced with rusted scrap and made no difference on the war effort* 


*except the Crusader

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An interesting article about the initial phase of T-54 development. Perhaps the most peculiar part is at the very end. When the war in Europe was over the work on the new tank was halted for some seven months in order to... reverse engineer US heavy duty truck Mack NR. 


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