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Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV


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There were problems with early production batches. As it turns out, the problems were due to ADI building to match the TDP. When consultants from Steyr were brought in all their “fixes” were to disregard the TDP specification and arbitrarily increase tolerances.

After that “advice” ADI figured things out on their own, for better or worse.

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Related to the previous discussion of Iron Fist:

”The Army has encountered technical problems and funding gaps in its effort to field an active protection system on the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle — but service officials say they’re now moving forward.

The Iron Fist system has completed the majority of required testing, Brig. Gen. Glenn Dean, the program executive officer for Army ground combat systems, told Defense News.”





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“We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve demonstrated that we have fixed those issues, and we’ve gotten a significant maturity level and performance demonstration within the system,” putting the system up against roughly 400 threats including single and dual-warheads, anti-tank guided missiles, rocket-propelled grenades and recoilless rifles, Neaves said.

This is a positive statement. IFDL may not be there yet, but “there” is at least visible from here.

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Tasmania's largest-ever land defence contract win - Australian Defence Magazine


"Three Tasmanian advanced manufacturing companies will deliver millions of dollars for the Tasmanian economy following the recent Land 8116 Phase 1 announcement by Hanwha Defense Australia and the Australian Government. The signing of an agreement with Hanwha to build Australia's next-generation self-propelled artillery systems will see local companies such as CBG Systems, Elphinstone Pty Ltd and Penguin Composites provide key systems and components to the project."


"Elphinstone will produce the hull and turret structures"


this is about the Aussie K9, but it also holds for Hanwha's intent for the Redback.

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“Hanwha Defense Australia has announced the site of its new Australian military vehicle production facility. The company will construct a new facility on a 20- hectare site at Avalon Airport in the Greater Geelong precinct some 60km west of Melbourne’s CBD. Construction of a state-of-the-art specialist armoured vehicle manufacturing plant is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2022 and take 24 months to complete. It is estimated that over 100 jobs will be created during construction of the $170 million Hanwha facility, which will ultimately support a large, long-term set of advanced manufacturing jobs when completed. Hanwha Defense Australia has been contracted for project Land 8116, a $0.9 to $1.3 billion project that will see the Commonwealth acquire self-propelled artillery systemsto be manufactured at the new facility. The company is also one of two shortlisted contenders for another multi-billion-dollar project where the Commonwealth is seeking to acquire up to 450 Infantry Fighting Vehicles for the Australian Defence Force.Design work on Hanwha’s new specialist armoured vehicle manufacturing plant has been underway for some time and is now in its final stages. The 32,000 square metre state-ofthe-art facility will initially be focussed on the production of Hanwha’s AS9 self-propelled howitzer, but pre-planning has been conducted to allow for the rapid expansion of operations should Hanwha also win the Infantry Fighting Vehicle project. In addition to the potential for multiple assembly lines, the plant will feature a 1500 metre test track, a deep-water test facility and an obstacle course to ensure the Hanwha vehicles function as intended prior to delivery. Ample provision has been made for Hanwha’s Australian industry partners to co-locate on the new site as necessary to streamline the manufacturing process and add maximum versatility as Hanwha’s Australian interests expand. Australian veteran owned project management consultancy Conscia has been working closely with Hanwha on site selection, facility design and the tender process to determine which building company will be engaged to construct the facility. There are five 100% Australian owned Victorian based construction companies currently shortlisted in an ongoing Request for Tender process. This support of local opportunities will continue throughout construction with a focus on the supply of locally sourced materials, veteran and indigenous employment opportunities, trainee and apprentice skills development and eventually supporting over 100 construction jobs in the Geelong Region.”

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Well, if the rumours are correct, Lynx has been chosen by the government for Land 400 Phase 3.


Here are the current rumours:


- 400-3 will be announced prior to the federal election (~21 May 22) & associated caretaker period. 

- Rheinmetall was chosen by the Defence Minister. 
- the incipient federal election meant Rheinmetall was favoured by MINDEF. 

- PM faced a choice: choose Rheinmetall or face a leadership challenge by MINDEF.  


- Army’s preferred equipment solution was Redback. 
- Army’s advice to MINDEF was Redback. 
- MINDEF distrusts ADF leadership (see Brereton Report). 
- this echoes selection of MRH over Blackhawk. 
- Army fears an “Australian AJAX” with vibration & reliability issues of Lynx to be resolved. 


- the L400-3 project, even with the reduction of scope of the numbers & variants, will represent Rheinmetall’s largest single contract ever. 
- Rheinmetall’s largest contract prior to this was L400-2. 


Either way, Lynx appears to be it.



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