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The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s


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To my fairly great surprise it has come to my attention that the Leclerc is starting to emerge as a favorite among a majority faction of our (Swedish) tanker people for the likely coming acquisition of more MBTs.

I had thought the Leo2A7 would have been the prime candidate but it seems like that is not a given for a few reasons.
According to some tanker officers there’s a possibility that the Leclerc in its current form is a more modern candidate with greater upgradability, has performed well in Yemen so far in the war there, the smaller crew of three is a plus in a shortstaffed organization (despite the issues with being one less for maintenance, we made it work with the strv103), smaller profile and lighter so able to cross more bridges and the word seems to be that deliveries could be made at a speedier pace.

The word is also that the somewhat younger tankers are leaning more towards the Leclerc and the older officers are more sceptical.
Now, I imagine that most of you would probably deem the Leo2A7 the superior tank but what is the current view of the Leclerc in a general sense?


Possible or complete BS?

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2 hours ago, Clan_Ghost_Bear said:

To add to the @Willy Brandtstatement, the Leclerc MBT production line is closed. It would take around three years to reactivate it.

This is why we weren’t able to answer Saoudi interest in Leclerc MBT.

But, theoretically, the Leclerc MBT interest makes more sense for Swedish ground than Leopard-2A7.

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2 hours ago, Willy Brandt said:

A CV 90 with a 120mm gun would make more sense than buying Leclercs.

Leclerc MBT and CV-90 like medium tanks solutions can’t be compared. 

There can be an interest in having a CV-90 based tank but this is an other type of need :

- an army still using a M48 fleet can chose such a solution if it doesn’t absolutely want armor ;

- The other option is a pressing need for « barrels » ;

- the third one is quality of the road infrastructure. 

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In my opinion, it doesnt make sense for Sweden to adopt somewhere in 2020 Leclercs when they already operate Strv 122,  and even more when both french and germans have embarked on devolpement of the ´Europanzer 2.0´ precisely to replace both Leo 2 and Leclercs. At this point if the Swedes have enough funds for making a big contract for newer tanks, they should just invest them into a propper replacement for Strv 122, whatever if they decide to bet on the ´Europanzer 2.0´ or develop a new national tank, for which case they already have conceptual work done for Strv 2000.

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6 minutes ago, alanch90 said:

for which case they already have conceptual work done for Strv 2000.

Strv 2000 is entirely obsolete in the current year and would basically have to be restarted almost from scratch.

Remember, Strv 2000 was a project in the late 1980s, and it's been over 30 years since then. Other than broad layout and concepts (like modular armor), and any ballistic tests conducted at the time, everything involved in that project is obsolete.

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More or less, but they are not starting from zero. They had already explored unmanned turrets or externally mounted main guns, and likely also had an autoloader for 140mm designed, and that is a direction they can choose.  I mean look at the russians and how they took advantage of the technology developed for Objects 187-195, for example.

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It would be not a good selection for the Swedish Army if they would go for Leclerc as it is not in production any more and according to @Serge would need three years for restart. I believe that no Swedish tank officer would like this tank as this army refused it in 1993. They love their Strv122. If they would have an actual need for barrels (what I cannot imagine BTW) they could do an upgrade of the Strv121 to Strv122 or something similar as a Leo 2A7V. They got originally 160 Leo 2A4 from the German Army. So they have enough to retrofit even if a few of them are used for conversion to bridgelayer tanks Leguan 2. If the procurement agency FMV is clever it should wait until there is a clear picture what is going on with MGCS.

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Honestly, if they want better agility/lower weight at the cost of armor, the CV90-120 does make more sense than the LeClerc or really any other vehicle - the CV90 is operated in large numbers throughout the force, and is a domestic product.


But other than that, the only hot lines are indeed the Leopard 2... and the M1, and I don't see any case where they decide to operate both.

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Ikv 91 appreciation post.  Vehicles and crew here are participating in training exercises, 1978.  Photos from the Swedish Arsenalen museum archive.  Link to a few more.  The infantry rider photo is separate from the others in both setting and photo collection























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Photo dump


Photos of the Strv Ny contenders + Leopard 2 TVM Max that participated in the competition.







Strv 2000 mockup + photos of the dummy 140mm round proposed for the Strv 2000










Strv 105







Initial deliveries of Leopard 2A4s, Strv 121s, to the P4 Garrison. They still retain their German Army camouflage and markings in most of the pictures.














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