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DRDO; India's Porsche


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some indian gov docs have info about Jackal armour(some sort of addon for BMP) 10-12mm range, and some SPADE armour 20-130mm range for T-90S






and some other





We noticed that, by March 2013, 61 numbers of T-90 tanks fitted with the Radiators supplied by the firm were issued to the Army up to 31 March 2013. However, during Factory trials (2012) and Joint Receipt Inspection (JRI) (April/May 2013) of T-90 tanks produced by HVF using these Radiators, CQA69 (HV) observed temperature of the coolant overshooting up to 120o C within short distance of 4 to 8 Kms. B




Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi placed an order for Radiators to be fitted in T-90 tanks on a firm which had no prior experience of manufacturing required Radiators. The Factory accepted Radiators worth `2.78 crore which did not conform to the stipulated technical requirements and rendered T-90 tanks fitted with such Radiators unacceptable to Army.

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1 hour ago, SH_MM said:

Not sure. If it is DRDO's SAMHO cannon-launched missile, then it should be semi-active laser guided - which is also not really impressive for 2020.






   IIRC Israelis did some showcase of Lahat to them back in 2010s, maybe this missile was influenced by that. But yeah, semi-active homing for GL-ATGMs doesn't sound as much of improvement over laser beam riding ones. Tank still need to have LOS to target while missile is more sensetive to smoke screens/soft counter-measures.

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