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On 7/7/2021 at 8:19 PM, N-L-M said:

"Generic AFV platform".


A name as gormless as the vehicle itself.

I’m not sure we can regard Pereg Rakham as gormless vehicles.

They developed a generic architecture for Merkava rebuild platform to perform different tasks. 
What is your proposal to provide a repair vehicle ?


A new batch of photos at work :



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13 hours ago, Newtonk said:

Can't be that gormless if the Russians see some merit in the vehicle, as seen here: the BMP-KSh.





I admire the IDF for how they repurpose vehicles, rather than the expense of building a new one.

We have dedicated thread for Armata based AFVs.

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3 minutes ago, Wiedzmin said:



also interesting bit, at some point the reinforced driver "doghouse" 

Hi, there have been successive measures to improve overhead protection for the driver, an acknowledged weak point. These measures really took off after the Merkava 2 Batash introduced decent advanced armour. 

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34 minutes ago, Wiedzmin said:

Hi, i think this was about addon armor pack mainly ? 

Hi, yes, but remember part of the design philosophy of the Merkava, (at least post mark 2),was to have a relatively thin steel frame with the real armour being add on modules. (I am not disagreeing with you, I suspect we are saying the same thing, but looking at it from different angles). 

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